Saturday, 2 February 2008

Bonding - Day 5

Leah has a new friend! A very nice couple from South Africa arrived yesterday and met a beautiful boy called Luke. They are staying in the same hotel as us and we will travel together each day to meet the babies. For those who were asking we spend 3 hours in total per day at the orphanage, from 10.30am to 12.00pm and from 2.30pm to 4.00pm. This is loads of time for them, they are ready for sleeping after 1 hour with us.

Leah would also like to take this opportunity to extend her greetings and best wishes for her Auntie Mairead and big cousin Caitlin's birthdays today, she regrets she will not be able to be there in person but hopes you will both understand!!

Her cold was a LOT better today and she was much happier, she is also starting to put a lot more weight on her legs. She can't quite get the hang of this crawling business yet, she can get onto her hands and knees but then can't work out where to go from there! She'll get the hang of it before long, she is already doing better than her Uncle Gary who spent his first 2 years shuffling around on his backside!! God has really answered our prayers in a wonderful way with Leah's health and development, we can already see improvements in the 5 short days we've been with her.

Philip, Amanda & Leah


Anonymous said...

good ol' Gary.... still at his most content when sitting on his butt!

Glad every thing's going well..... thanks for keeping us updated!

See you in a few short weeks.....

lots of love....

Gemma xo

Proud Aunt said...

It took a tiny walking stick to get gary unto his feet - how bout trying that? or a tiny zimmer frame?

Amy said...

Sounds like you all are doing well! And that Leah is starting to benefit from the one on one interaction with you already!