Sunday, 3 February 2008

Bonding - Day 6

Short update today, the visits with Leah went really well again, she is definitely teething now, everything she manages to get her hands on goes straight into her mouth for a good chomp! Items which have been chewed today include, her teddy, her rattle, my thumb, her own fingers, her dummy, the clip which holds her dummy to her bib, her book, packet of hankies from Amanda's bag and finally her teething ring!!

We would like to take her home now thank-you very much!

Also we just started watching 24 for the first time tonight, WHY DID NO-ONE WARN US !!?!?!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Typical Ust 'road' 10% tarmac and 90% ice!

Lot warmer than when we arrived, only minus 12 now!

Out for a snack, mmmmmmm


Anonymous said...

You started watching 24?!?! ITS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!

Yours sincerely
Disapproving Blogger

Amy said...

Wow that bakery looks incredible.
Were those the prices for the whole cake or just a part? Seems really reasonable. Philip and Amanda I wanted to ask what you think I should do regarding the room. I want to email the hotel and ask them for their best price for an extended stay on their smallest room. It will just be me coming and I don't need much room at all for the first trip. I have been told 8250 tenge per night and in US $ that comes to about $67. Or do you think I will have better luck trying to negotiate the best price (possibly a better one) in person at the front desk?

Amy said...

Hey what happened to the pretty coat? : )

The Young's said...

Wow so good seeing Ust again. I love the pics of the cakes, we tried to take a few and were shuffeled out of the store. They thought we were trying to steal ideas according to our translator. I cannot wait to see your Leah. If her room is up one flight and has blue curtains please tell the care givers our Leah is doing very well. She can be seen in the Feb issue of Parents Magazine in an article about play dates.
Enjoy this time and it only gets better after you come home.

Anonymous said...

WOW I love the look of all that snow. Could you make a snowman and send me a picture?? And I wouldn't mind a sample of some of those cakes, yummy.
It is good so see pics of Ust, how about one of Victor!!
Love reading your bonding blogs, you must be soooooooo happy holding her.
Love Auntie Mo xx

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Wow whats with the weird blogger above? HOpe you know who that is! I havent watched 24. What do you mean no one warned you? What shoudl I be warned about!?

Ust looks pretty, but sounds so cold! Does it feel like you're living the same day over and over and over again? Hope all is going well and you're staying warm!

Anonymous said...

You've started watching 24? - uhoh!! There go the T4G articles you were going to write!

We have a 24 addicts help-group set up if you'd like to join!! Just call 07871718951 for more details!