Friday, 8 February 2008

Bonding - Day 11

We have a date for court!! Unfortunately the courts in Ust seem quite busy at the moment so the earliest date they could give us is the 18th February. The first date we could have had court would have been the 12th so its a bit later than we had hoped for but as long as it goes well we don't mind.

Leah was a bit grouchy today, her mouth has been giving her a lot of bother recently and she spent most of the time with us today trying to get everything into her mouth for a good old chew! She still managed to smile everytime she saw the doll though.

We have come to the conclusion that Victor is an ex-tank driver who still thinks he is in his tank! The places he takes his little grey mini-bus is quite unbelievable, we thought he had managed to get it completely beached on a snow bank but he still managed to come out the other side with all four wheels more or less on the ground!!

Also in 'red coat news' I'm sorry to report that its still pretty warm out here (by Kazakhstan standards) so don't expect to see a reappearance anytime soon!

Keep praying, especially with court looming, we fully expect to get paranoid and crazy in the run-up to our court appearance!

Philip, Amanda & Leah


Anonymous said...

Finally I've made it to the top of the comments page, feels good but alot of presure to know what to say. Well first of all I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank my friends an family for there support if it wasn't for you guys I wouldnt be here...
Ok lets cut the small talk when are we gonna see a pic of Leah, maybe I could make you an offer you can't refuse. How about if you send me a pic of Leah an I'll promise never to borrow any of your stuff every again! deal?

Keep it real

Amy said...

Will be thinking good thoughts for you that all goes well in court - as I am sure it will - soon it will be done and you will be on your way home with Leah!!! Keep your eyes on the prize!! Keep your chins up!! You are coming into the home stretch of your journey!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they'd show you a picture of Leah if you just promise to never BREAK any of their stuff ever again!!
Many a glass, plate and sentimental valuables have had their last days in the hand of JDog.

Yours Knownly

dkeogh said...

Good news about court guys. Enjoy every day with your little princess. One hurdle at a time - right? Get court over and then you can start the countdown.

Are you going to spend some time in Almaty on the way back?

A change of scenery might be nice, plus there are lots of places to see in Almaty. Mad Murphy's Irish pub does some good grub as does the Guinness pub and brewery (trust my husband to have found the Irish places in Almaty!!)

Looking forward to seeing the photos of the cutest girl in all of Kaz when you can share them.

The Keogh's in Toronto