Thursday, 28 February 2008

Appeal - 5 days to go

Leah is pretty much back to her normal self now, only 5 days until we can bring her back to the Shiny River and we can’t wait!

Today we went out to the ‘Daniel’ supermarket to stock up on supplies before she comes back, its kinda weird after all these years to be actually buying nappies and baby food.

But hey, I know all you want are more photos so here ya go!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Leah and Mummy

Leahs buddy Luke

Kiss from Daddy

Big boots

Leah and Leo


Anonymous said...

Its good to hear that she is feeling better...Her very first pair of cat boots but there a wee bit small dont you think???

Cant wait to meet leah....


Kristan and Mark said...

5 more days, yay!

How cool that you got to go snow skiing in Kaz. My older son wanted to do that so badly, but we were in Karaganda so didn't have that opportunity. Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Leah looks so happy and content to be back in the arms of her mummy, she is just goooooooorgeous. Philip looks pretty happy and content it his pic too. What is it about people's chins that they have to cover them with a mask??????
Love A Mo xx

dkeogh said...

Great to see and hear things are going well guys. Leah looks great, she is a little dote. So glad you at last get to buy nappies and all the other baby has been a long time coming I am sure. Hope you are still so positive after getting to change those nappies :-)

Funny thing is my hubbie from Galway got to go skiing for the first time in a long time here last Saturday just outside Toronto. Our 7 year old Ashling took to it like a fish to my Galway man?1? His new nickname is Eddie the Eagle :-) Philip sounds like you both have something in common with skiing!!

The Keoghclan in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Love the new pics, I haven't been online for a while so I've been having some withdrawal symptoms!! Can't wait for you's to come home
Ruthy Dx
(P.s Jacob has been stealing all Charile's toys that he can't play with yet, Leah needs to come home and show him that that is the oldest Davidson child privilege!!)

Anonymous said...

Poor little Charlie - he never saw that bully Jacob coming!! The police are asking witness's to come forward.

Anonymous said...

He was spotted in a red car number plate CAR 1.

Crimestoppers have been notified!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear wee Leah is feeling better. Roll on Tuesday.

In Jacob's defense, the poor wee man has no crib to sleep in now because of his next door neighour. He only borrowed Charile's car to go to the shop for a new bed.

Won't be long till the 3 of them are fighting over their toys!

Catherine xx

Anonymous said...

Hi guys this is a first for me, but i am missing you three so much,icannot wait to see the three of u, things just are not the same without u our family at cardy is just not the same.Read num 6 v24-26 see u soon daniel xo

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day Amanda!!!

Avril xo