Monday, 11 February 2008

Bonding - Day 14

Short update today, exactly 1 week to go until court. I'm about to write a short speech which we have to address to the judge explaining why we wish to adopt from Kazakhstan and our commitment to look after Leah, etc. I'm going to deliver the speech in exchange for Amanda changing all the smelly nappies for the next 12 months!!!

Leah was great again today though we are all beginning to feel the effects of the relentless routine of the days here, the adults as well as the children!

Thanks for all who are continuing to pray for us, we will need it especially in the coming days as the court date approaches, pray that the whole process will go smoothly and that the passport, visa, entry clearance, etc stage after court will also go well.

Philip, Amanda & Leah


Kim said...

I remember hitting that point where even the baby was feeling like we did the same thing everyday. He got so bored with the toys and we had to find new games and songs to entertain him.

suejonez said...

I know its tough but you will look back on this time in the baby-house and with Leah as a pricelesss and never to be repeated moment in your life together.

If it helps at all - imagine me on day 90 and going slightly crazy...

kitzkazventure said...

I, too, remember the endless days (all 80 of them). We were only allowed to visit our son once a day and we had days that we were glad because we could not imagine what else we could do in our suffocating green room with him to keep him happy and not standing at the door banging on it and crying to leave. We now know that "trapping" us in that room and creating a bonding atmosphere without distractions was probably the best thing that could have happened to us as we got to know our little toddler....we are celebrating our 1 year anniv. this month and we remember those days fondly (surprisingly! LOL!) Prayers for your perseverance and stamina! Karen

dkeogh said...

I remember thinking when in Almaty after a few weeks.....'is there life outside Almaty?' after a while it seems like IT is the world :-)Don't worry we all have been through this and believe it or not it does Sue and Karen said this is a precious time to get to know the little princess and it will help greatly in the bonding time. The days are rolling by (maybe a bit slowly for you) but this time last month you were waiting to travel and now look you are waiting to go to court.

I feel positively guilty in complaining that I was in Almaty (stuck) for 9 was only 63 days.....nothing like Karen and Sue!!

Hope writing the speech goes well, it will give you good practise for the wedding speech for the princess!!!


The KeoghClan

Anonymous said...

Hang in there guys, Philip you could try singing her some of Granda Crooks' little songs.
I am off to Woking tomorrow to see the kids so will keep in touch with your blogspot on Mike's or Rachael's computer.
Love A Mo x