Thursday, 31 January 2008

Bonding - Day 3

Just in case anyone thought we were joking when we said we experienced an earthquake in Ust last night check out the following link, 5.1 on the rictor scale!!! (thanks for the link Sandy)

Another great day with Leah, we think she has somehow gotten cuter since we saw her yesterday!! She was fighting sleep almost the whole time today, she still has a nasty cold and is definitely not used to this much attention.

Also want to say a big thank you for the huge amount of texts, emails and comments on the blog, its a big help for Amanda and I to know so many people are thinking about us and praying for us. Please keep it up!

And another thing, sorry we gotta disappoint you but it is going to be another 2 weeks before we can post any pics of Leah, we would love to be able to fill the blog right now with her pics but we have been advised not to until we get through court over here, if it would soften the blow I would be happy to post some pics of myself, let me know if this would help!

Philip, Amanda & Leah


Maureen Reid said...

Yes Philip I think a nice close-up pic of your nose when you have been outside for 10 mins would be interesting! They have forecast snow for here tomorrow, I shall be very disappointed if we don't get any! It is great to be able to visualise you both intereacting with Leah. I wonder what I could use to bribe your mum into letting me see her pic of Leah??
Hope her cold clears up soon. How much time do you get with her each day and what do you do the rest of the time. Is your Hotel nice?
Love Auntie Mo xx
PS Uncle Bill sends his best wishes and xxxx (for Amanda, sorry Philip)

Jaimie & Gena said...

You could just post a pic of her toes as I am sure they are cute! Just a thought. G. Lloyd

Amy said...

Yes other families that get this advice do exactly what Jaimie and Gena said. They take close up shots of toes, elbows, tummies and other non identifying but still cute baby features and parcel them out to their adoring public a bit at a time. So by the time two weeks is up you have seen everything in bits and pieces except the cute baby face. Just a thought as well.

Amy said...

You could post another photo of you in your bright colored coat?

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Cant wait to see pics of the baby but I do understand. I like Amy's advice. Perhaps just pictures of all the children at the orphanage and of the region. Thank you for sharing your journey!

Proud Aunty Av said...

Before you give us any more natural disaster news on the blog you should remember we have several relatives in their 90's who cant seem to work their radios or remember were they left their glasses but they have managed to find out whats written on the blog and are now convinced that darling little Philip and precious wee amanda were inches from death. (",)

suejonez said...

I did the same - no photos until after court. The anticipation keeps people glued to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for all the pics youve sent me of leah,she gorgeous, I'm feel so privileged but honestly I'm running outta room on my computor so no more thanks.

Yours untruthfully

Anonymous said...

Ok you might not have been joking about the earthquake, but philip walking to the supermarket, no one would ever believe that!


mason's mom said...

I only shared pictures of my son with family until after court. While I was in Ust, there was a rumor that the MOE was monitoring blogs for pictures so I think you are doing the right thing. Have you been to the black bull yet? You should try the Geogian restaurant also--it is along the river near the WWII memorial, excellent food and atmosphere.