Saturday, 23 February 2008

Appeal - 10 days to go

Children in the baby house are a lot quieter than children brought up in normal homes, they learn fairly early on that crying, shouting and making a lot of noise is not going to get them any more attention than usual, also they have no-one talking to them, reading books with them, “look at the doggie, what sound do dogs make?” “Woof woof”. You know what I mean.

Today was the first time that Leah has really made a lot of noise, almost our whole visit she was jabbering and talking away to herself and us. It was lovely to hear. I told her if she managed to say “dada” before “mama” I would buy her a car for her 17th birthday!

We also got some bad news about our visits for the next few days, as I’ve already mentioned there is a virus going round the whole orphanage at the moment. Leah has been on antibiotics for a few days and has almost recovered but a lot of the other babies are just starting to get sick. The high doctor has decided that there will be no visits allowed for the next 3-4 days to give the babies time to recover. It’s a sensible and understandable decision but for the next few days the hotel will be full of people not getting their ‘baby fix’, it could all get a little ‘Lord of the Flies’.!!

Don’t worry about the supply of pictures running out in the mean time, we’ve taken an insane amount of pictures and video clips already, slightly over 6 gigabytes at the last count!!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Leah Talking!

Another family pic.


Anonymous said...

hey happy family!! loved the new video, she sounds very cute as well!..leah will defintley hold you to that philip ill remind her if she forgets thats if she says dada first though..hope the next few days fly by without your visits..thinking of yous

keep the pics and videos coming there great!

lynsey paul&travis

(sorry jdog no funnies today!)

Regina said...

Love the beautiful sound of Leah's voice! What a sweetie pie she is. You've got that car promise in writing now. There's no turning back.

So sorry you won't get to visit for what will feel like 3 years. How torturous!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, three days without a visit, that will be soooooo hard for you both. Perhaps Victor could take you somewhere interesting - well no, perhaps that is not one of my better ideas.
Leah sounds gorgeous and I think she has her car already, 'cos I'm sure I heard her say dada!
Keep the pics coming, and the videos, they are great.
Love A Mo xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda and Phillip
We just want to let you guys know what a priviledge it is for myself and Jeremy to be able to walk this exciting road with a fabulous couple like yourselves. Thanks for your positive attitude and constant support.
Your South African friends
Elaine and Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy and Philip, its so good to hear Leah's voice she seems so happy and content, she brought tears to both our eyes, she is a real wee cutie.

Love Nigel, Mairead and Josh xxx

Catalina said...

Hi happy family! I just read your blog and found outt hat you were about to adopt a baby in Arkalyk. Our dossier was also assigned for Arkalyk and after many delasy and frustrations, we were told we are going to Petropavlovsk soon. However, is hard for us to believe and be happy until we will see our LOI. Reading your blog gave us so much hope. Leah is so beautiful. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about 'mama' or 'dada' but I definitely heard a 'Jdog' in there. So you heard my covers been blown, just make sure you warn Leah about her Uncle Garys lack of confidentiality. Heard an amazing preacher on Saturday night by the way...


P.S. Still waiting for the Red coats family pic!

Anonymous said...

Amazing preacher? I thought you went to hear Stephen Grant??!!