Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Bonding - Day 16

“God has a plan for our lives”. Its an easy thing to say but a lot harder to trust and accept when we’re living through the disappointments and setbacks that life throws at us. We have been on this journey for over three years now and on many occasions have tried to understand why God has allowed us to experience so many delays and trials during this whole process.

Even recently when things seemed to be going well we experienced more delays, we were committed to travelling out to Ust back in October but for some reason the LOI didn’t arrive, we were sure we were going in November but no news. We thought there would be no way we’d still be in Northern Ireland for Christmas but more disappointments and delays. Surely the first week in January then!?! Still no LOI, why was God letting this happen…

We found out today that Leah was only made available for adoption within 3 days of us arriving in Ust, if we had arrived even one week earlier, if we had come out when we wanted then we would have never met ‘our’ Leah!!! It is very humbling to see God answering our prayers so clearly in guiding us to the child we were meant to have.

Many people go through their entire lives not knowing why God has moved in a particular way, living through disappointments and trials without knowing the reason why! God in His goodness has let us know exactly why we were unable to come to Ust until now!

Does this mean we will never doubt God again and that in the future our faith will be perfect??!? Would be nice to think so!

5 days to court.

Philip, Amanda & Leah


Anonymous said...

I needed to hear that today, thank you. Still waiting on my LOI to Ust... I check your blog everyday and can't wait to see pics!
Jan in Kentucky

kitzkazventure said...

Yes, isn't it amazing how this crazy thing called adoption brings us face to face with how much our God loves us and works for our good. Everything happens in His timing and it is always our Best. Love it! Enjoy your bonding days! Karen also in Kentucky

Kim said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Your post reminds me of the saying used in adoption....Leap and the net will appear! Here is to the countdown till court! I will be in Ust on Sunday February 17th. Will be glad to meet you both in person!

The Young's said...

Amen to this post. Gods timing is perfect. On the journey to our Leah, we lost our first referral whom we loved for 6+ months only to find out another family from our own agency had adopted her. After this loss in order to cope and teach our son faith, we chose to thank god for our unanswered prayer even though we didnt understand it at the time. As our journey continued we would lose yet another referral and then a third. The night before we were to board the plane our agency sent a fourth referrals picture. Then just prior to boarding at the airport we received a message that AIP didnt know what child was going to be available to us. We boarded that plane having no trust in our agency but total faith in Gods plan for us. After relinquishing total control to God that day we were blessed with many miracles on our journey and God's plan for us became crystal clear. We adopted our Leah, the third referral we were given and later told she was not available. We feel blessed to have her in our lives.
Today we are thanking God for your miracle also.

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for this post. It is an encouragement and blessing to me.

You have been such an example of how to maintain a good attitude when not knowing the reason why - you kept praising in the storm! I'm glad you have been rewarded with an answer sooner than you thought!

Take care.

Love Elaine

Kristan and Mark said...

Great post!

We traveled to another country only to face disappointment before changing agencies and countries before finding our daughter that is a perfect fit in every way!

It's hard to understand while you are living it, but as you said it quickly becomes so clear, it did for us anyway and so glad it did for you too!

Karen & Glenn said...

What an absolutely beautiful, humbling post. Thank you for sharing.

Avril said...

Very well said - And a good basis for your next Thirsty for God articles.