Monday, 18 February 2008


21st April 2007 Irina was born, 2 months premature. 18th February 2008 she became a Davidson!!

Waiting outside the court room was terrifing but once inside everything went so well, but lets talk about that another day, lets get to the pics!!

Also if you want to see anymore you better leave lots of comments!

Philip, Amanda & Leah Davidson.

Mummy, Daddy & Leah

Blue eyed girls!

Daddys girl!

Leah's Caterpillar book.

Leah's fav chew!


Kim said...

Congratulations on the good news in court!!! She is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL little girl.

dkeogh said...

Well this was worth logging on for!! Congrats you guys! So so happy for you. Leah is a little pet. She is so so pretty and will be the belle of Northern Ireland!

Enjoy every moment.....things are moving!!

The Keoghs in Toronto.

Kim & Jamie said...

Congratulations!! She is positively gorgeous:) I can't imagine how happy you both are right now. Enjoy:)

kitzkazventure said...

She is so beautiful and you make a spectacular family picture. So glad court went well....isn't it a great feeling to be done with much pressure that now can be let go. I am always amazed at how God takes care of all of our little ones until we get to them. Our Nick was born at apprx. 28 weeks. 2 lbs! We can't wait to tell Nick as he gets older how much God had to orchestrate his beginnings just to survive in a small town in Kaz. What little miracles our kids are...
Congrats to you both and now just enjoy your special bonding time without distractions until you can get home! And of course, we need more pictures! Karen

Anonymous said...

Its proud uncle gary here,thats great everything went well,never had a niece before but i'm sure i'll take to it like amanda and public speaking!!

Anonymous said...

its the cutest GIRL baby ever(would have said cutest baby but we would be in avrils bad books!)mum said you look sooo right together the davidson three. She was born three days after me!!whoop whoop april babies!!


Gail said...

Leah u are amazingly Gorgeous..
I cant wait till u come home and i can come meet u =D

Love u's lots..Gail ox

Anonymous said...

Dear Philip'll fix it

Please could you fix it for us to see a pic of all 3 of you in matching red coats!

Yours wishfully

P.S. Now I have 4 Gorgeous nieces

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see you together and hear your news. I was on the phone to your dad just after he got the news. A Grandad twice in 2 months.... Fantastic. It really is great to see God answer so many prayers over such a long time. Not long till your articles go world wide either !!
Stephen and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Well Philip and Amanda, for once Philip's boasts were not exaggerated, she truly looks like a princess and those blue eyes to match Amanda's are stunning!! So glad all our prayers were answered in court. I can't wait to meet her in person and pray that that will be accomplised in record time. For now you can just enjoy the fact that she is YOURS!!
LoveAuntie Mo xx

Chris and Tricia said...

Congratulations on your new family! If the eyes are truly a window to the soul, she has a beautiful life ahead of her.

Angela said...

I have been lurking since you arrived in Ust. I just wanted to say congratulations! You have a beautiful family. And, Leah is an absolute doll! You must be beside yourselves with joy.

dossier at the consulate in the U.S.

Jane & Shaun said...

Congratulations to you all! Can only imagine how you must feel now that is over.

Leah is an absolutely gorgeous baby. You must be so proud of her.

Thanks for sharing your experiences on this blog, look forward to hearing more about Kazakhstan and of your precious girl.

Anonymous said...

whaooo your baby girl shes sooo sweet!!! very like her mummy!! please post lot and lots and lots of more lovley pics!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Can you believe it Amanda... Lynsey can type!!! Still can't spell though lol


Anonymous said...

At last - I've been logging on every 10 mins!! It was worth it. Leah looks very happy to be a member of the Davidson family - does she know what she's signed up for!! (lol)

You look great together. So glad everything went well I'm sure we'll soon read the details of your court experience! Now you can look forward to going home as a family.

Take care

Love Blair and Elaine

PS new pics every day please!!

Anonymous said...

Leah is absolutely beautiful:) At long last we can now see her!! Kris and I will continue to keep you all in our prayers. God Bless Esther and Kris x PS.More photo's please!!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is beautiful, we were thinking about you all day today and so glad everything went well. I am sure you can hardly believe you are at this stage. All our prayers for you have been answered and we will now pray that all 3 of you you get home safely and we will have an excuse to come to Cardy again!
The McMullans, Ballymoney
p.s. more photos are essential!

Anonymous said...

Leah is lovely!! love from Eden x

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting (not so) patiently to be an aunt pretty much since yous got married and now its finally here i can say she was worth the wait.

She just makes me feel sorry for all the other aunties that have to get by with their not so cute neices.

Looking forward to you's getting home so we can take a much needed updated "Davidson" family picture

Avril, Jeff & Charlie

Kristan and Mark said...

Congratulations! She's a beauty.

Please keep the pictures coming!

The Young's said...

Congratulations Mom and Dad. Leah is absolutely gorgeous. She has smiling eyes as do the both of you. Welcome to parenthood and to a lifetime of love and miracles..

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Shes gorgeous - congrats to you! What a beautiful baby girl - you must be thrilled!

Kathy said...

Congratulations!, We adopted our daughter from Ust in 2005. I love to see more families brought together. Leah is beautiful, enjoy the rest of your trip.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both mummy and daddy. Leah is beautiful you were 100% true in your statement that she is the cutiest baby in Ust. I have Ellie on my knee typing this she is waving and cooing at the pictures of Leah.
We look forward to seeing more lovely pics and enjoy the rest of your time in Ust hopefully we should have all 3 of you home soon

bring back Philip to NDG
Ralph, Leanne & Ellie

p.s the pics were definately worth waitng on she gorgeous

Karen & Glenn said...

Congratulations!!! She is adorable! We are so happy for you. What a beautiful family. Please keep the pics coming. :-) It is such a joy for us to follow along as we wait our own invitation.

Anonymous said...

Your baby daughter is sooo cute and we cant wait to meet her, i could just take her home! Jacob says I hope she likes older boys! (oh la la) Easy Philip remember we're WILSONS after all!!!!! You are all still in our prayers.

Mark, Heather & Family. <3

P.S. More pics please =D

Anonymous said...

Leah is absolutely gorgeous!!! We are all really delighted for you. Abigail is very excited about meeting Leah - (She is very impressed with her choice of 'Favourite' book!!!) I think the book is very appropriate too - Life can often feel like an awkard caterpillar, but with a little bit of God's help it can transform into a beautiful butterfly! Cherish every moment and capture every memory - you both deserve it so much! You are never far from our thoughts and prayers.
Paul, Claire and Abigail xoxo

Anonymous said...

Leah is beautiful.


It has been worth the long... wait. Safe journey home.

Liz and Dot

JanC said...

I, too, have been lurking...she's a doll! Congrats!
Jan C
dossier in Semey

Tasha said...

Congratulations!!! She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh she is just lovely...Auntie Av was right!! If this manages to get onto the comments page I will be delighted cos it keeps crashing on me. We are so happy that all went well in court...(AJ your speech must have been perfect - still think the changing of nappies should still stand though)...another major hurdle cleared. Think Phil you should try and squeeze that wee dog into your case when coming home...Leah would love it and would be company for Rosie too!!

Jamie wants to warn you both that Uncle Gary was over earlier and made Annie cry, twice. Maybe you should keep this in mind when introducing Leah to him (lol).

Take care out there and hope the days fly by for you all.

Love and prayers

Jamie, Rachel, Faith & Annie xxoo

Jeremy & Debbie Groh said...

That was definately worth the wait. She is beautiful. Congrats to you all.
Deb, J, & Sean(Kaz Cutie)

Anonymous said...

beautiful!! congrats Mark and Lou

Anonymous said...

Such a happy healthy beautiful baby!! And so like her mummy!! You just look so good together. Congratulations. Well worth the wait. God richly bless you all.
Terry, Cheryl & Co

Regina said...

Oh my, that is one beautiful little girl!!! Congratulations to you all on becoming a family! You look very happy together. Keep the photos coming...

Warmest wishes,

Baby Kaz Moore said...

Best wishes from Austin, Texas! She's beautiful and no doubt, you're in for many wondrful times together. Susan

Jaimie & Gena said...

Well worth the wait! She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! Gena, Jaimie and Berik Lloyd

Sandi said...

Congratulations!! What fantastic news. She is beautiful. Enjoy your time in Kazakhstan.


Anonymous said...

Well wasn't it worth the wait - Leah is beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your time there with her and I hope your trip back goes well

Uncle Bill & Auntie Mo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! eeeeeeeeeeee! the count down is on till our Leah comes home! Can't wait!
Praise the Lord.
Miss you's

Tori said...

So lovely to see the pics, she's absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! x

Anonymous said...

I'm from Madrid and every day I read your blog.
Hope my own dossier flies to Kazakhstan in next months (maybe April) so I'm very happy for you.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Madrid and every day I read your blog.
Hope my own dossier flies to Kazakhstan in next months (maybe April) so I'm very happy for you.


Tanyl said...

Congratulations!!! Leah is a beautiful little girl. She has Amanda's blue eyes. It is well worth the wait.

Enjoy every moment.

The Pete and Betty Show said...

I just found your website. I love the blue eyed girls picture! You knew that there was a reason for the wait! Congratulations. We are in process, hope to be in your shoes one day.

Gemma said...

heya oh my goodness im so pleased for all of you, and leah is absolutely gorgeous, i cant wait to meet her. im still praying for all of you and i cant wait to see u all when u get home.

Gemma xx

Neil and Sarah said...

We are all delighted for you both here in sunny Newcastle!! Leah looks beautiful and full of fun. We pray that God will bless you in this exciting(and as we found out 13 weeks ago) very busy time ahead.

Neil, Sarah and baby Luke Alexander