Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ski Trip!!

We visited Leah yesterday morning and thankfully she’s feeling a lot better. She is still being treated for an ear infection and the doctor would prefer us not to see her again until Thursday. The doctor also said she was sure Leah would be well enough to come back to the hotel with us in 7 days time!! We can’t wait.

With no visit today Ragul and Victor took us to a beautiful ski resort in the mountains for a spot of skiing. It was fantastic!! In any other part of the world we would have had to complete long and boring training sessions before we would be allowed anywhere near any slopes. Thankfully this is Kazakhstan after we hired our skis we basically did whatever we liked. Amanda had the good sense to stay near the bottom of the mountain on the beginner slopes. I headed straight for the ski lifts, after all, how hard could it really be!?!?

Skiing is the ultimate ‘looks easy when you know what you’re doing’ activity, I discovered at the top of the mountain that’s its not as easy as it looks!! Half-way down though I started to get the hang off it, nothing like seeing a corner coming up at high speed to motivate you to learn how to steer!!!

We all had a really good time and though we would have preferred to see Leah it was great to finally do something different! Check out the pics and vids at the bottom of the post!

Thanks again for all your comments, texts and emails we really love reading them, especially when you tell us how lovely Leah is!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Amanda, Ragul & the Nels

Amanda on the slopes

View from the top

The red coats in their natural habitat!

The ski lift of Doom!!


Anonymous said...

Oh T-bars! I hate those things, it is incredible that you made it to the top of the mountain on those things. After that I am sure the runs were not so bad.

I surely loved your pictures and your vivid tales of your skiing. Try to stay alive long enough to bring Leah home! I wished our driver would have taken us there. Looks lovely.

Much love and health,

Frank, Sandy and Caroline

Anonymous said...

Philip & Amanda on ski's!Aaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!



Anonymous said...

After many long hours I've finally worked out how to switch the computer on. After more frustation i have arrived at the blog of phillip, amanda and leah davidson, I'm finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that i will never be able to scale the dizzy heights of computing that Gary has - although i have felt immence satisfaction from seeing my message up here on your blog even though it has taken me 2 hours to type it!

Great to hear how good things are going with you all out there, Rachel has been reduced to an emotional wreck over the past few weeks from reading your blog!

Hope to see you all soon, praying for your safe return.


Pam said...

Wow! I'm impressed that you had an opportunity to ski while in Ust Kam. I didn't even realize there was a ski resort in the vicinity! The most excitement we had in our free time was shopping for souvenirs in the various stalls at the nearest Tsum location. Well, perhaps the visits to the various war memorials and other city monuments were a highlight too...good for you that you had such an experience! It will make for a great story to tell Leah someday!
Pam and Nicholas,
born Ust Kam 7/10/05;
adopted 4/12/06

Anonymous said...

Your blog is truly an indication that nothing is impossible - when it seems there is no hope then out of the blue suddenly it happens - Jamie actually works a computer!!! Inspirational!

BTW - Leah is lovely.

Paul, Karen & Luke

Anonymous said...

Great to be able to keep so up to date with your news via the blog, although it is supplemented via Roberta in her regular chats to Auntie Mo. Lovely to see that you were able to chill out (notice the pun) on the slopes, why no videos of your parrallel turns Amanda? We are really looking forward to seeing you back in Co Down and trust that Leah will keep well for her first visit to the big hotel in town with her mum and dad. Best wishes Auntie Mo and Uncle Bill

Anonymous said...

I see Uncle Bill has commented but I had to add my penny's worth. I am soooooooo jealous seeing that beautiful scenery and snow. Isn't skiing wonderful?? I agree, I don't know how you made it up that slope on those T bars, they are a nightmare!! It was lovely to see the red coats in all their glory :-) Can't wait to have you back and meet the lovely Leah - more pics please after all you did boast about how many you had taken already. So put the pics where your mouth is! I am REALLY impressed at Jamie managing a blog.
Love A Mo xx
By the way, Andrew send his best wishes.