Friday, 15 February 2008

Bonding - Day 18

18?!? Did I really just type Day 18??!?

Ah well only 3 days now to court! Leah was really good again today, can't wait to be able to show you all some pictures of her! She is starting to move around now, when we first met her she was quite weak but the difference in her strength in a couple of weeks is amazing! She hasn't quite got the hang of this crawling lark yet but she gets around by getting up unto her hands and knees, then flops forward on her belly, up unto her hands and knees again then another belly flop until she gets her hands on what she wants, we call it the caterpillar shuffle, very cute!

It also snowed today for the first time since we've been here, the place is looking very festive!

Keep praying that all will go well in court on Monday. We will see the judge 3.30pm here which is 9.30am GMT.

Hope you're all looking forward to the photos!! ;)

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Leah's Favorite book, just like her Uncle John!!!

Workmen brushing up snow, poor guys!


Anonymous said...

Love that story, I actually lost my copy so can I have Leah's when shes finished reading it!

Uncle John

Anonymous said...

You need to get the order of things right John, when Leah has finished with the book Charlie gets it then you can have it!!

Leah & Charlie's Granny

Anonymous said...

Great to hear everything is good, we will be thinking about you on Monday.
lots of love Uncle Jim and Aunty Esther.x

Anonymous said...

Only three days more, wow! Will be remembering you on Monday. Auntie Mo is away to play with her grandchildren but I know she joins me in sending our love and best wishes

uncle Bill