Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bonding - Day 8

Can't believe we are into our second week of bonding, we can already see big changes in Leah, whenever we arrive at the door of her room she greets us with a hugh smile which is lovely to see! The carers also told us that she is getting to know the times of our visits, when we are due to arrive she looks out for us and cries if she is put down into her playpen.

I just have to pay tribute again to the staff who look after the children here, they are wonderful with them all, so kind and caring, considering the sheer amount of kids they have there the attention they give each one is amazing!

We will hopefully be given a court date soon, we expect it to be around Wednesday of next week. We can't wait to get it out of the way then we can start thinking about home and also put up a few pics of the cutest girl in all of Kazakhstan. She is actually 23.5% cuter today than she was yesterday!!!!

We are thankful for all your prayers and praise God that he has led us to Leah, keep praying that the rest of the process will continue to go smoothly.

Philip, Amanda & Leah

With Jeremy & Elaine from SA


Amy said...

I can't believe it either!! Weren't you guys just posting that you might have to switch from Ust to another region like four seconds ago?!! Such good news about your little Leah!! Can't wait to see the photos!

Anonymous said...

Love this photo with the snow and lovely blue sky. If it was not for poor Amanda looking like she is freezing we would think it was quite a warm day!!!
Love Auntie Mo x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely delighted to read all your updates on Leah. Everyone in Ballywalter Primary School sends their love - we reckon doing playground duty has prepared Amanda for the weather in Ust!! I've got her name down for P1 in 2011!
Peter Campbell

Anonymous said...

Ok guys, you leave me no choice! I'm gonna start a campaign to bring back the matching red jacket pics its been over a week now philip!

All in favour please type the following line at the end of your message: Nice Jackets guys!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil & Amanda
It's great to read of how well things are going. It would really help the bonding process though if you were BOTH wearing red coats - it would enforce "togetherness", which is very very important. You could also get a wee red coat for Leah.
Love & prayers from us.
Paul, Karen & Luke

dkeogh said...

Week 2 eh? Sure youre nearly residents now!! Agree with the comment on how cold poor Amanda looks while everyone else looks positively balmy!!! I'm with you girl..........cold like you are experiencing is unnatural!! But sure it's all for the children!

Everytime I hear you lads say about Leah being the cutest girl in all of Kazakhstan I keep on thinking of the song (excuse the words, they may be wrong but sure we normally sing them after a few bevvies!!)

'from Bantry bay, upto Derry quay and from Galway to Dublin town, no maid i've seen, like the sweet cailin that I met in the county down'.........or in your case that I met in Ust.......Kaz'stan!!!

Okay I'll go now and lie down and take my medicine.

The Keogh's in a very cold Toronto where it is snowing AGAIN!!

PS Ditto 'bout the coats......

Ruthy d said...

I can't believe you would insult James by not wearing the coat he lent you. Shame on you PHILIP!!

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all good to here everythin goin well, lookin 4ward to seein the pics of leah.

Take care
God Bless

P.S. Nice Jackets Guys!!!

Lots of love

Amy said...

Hi there! Amy and a couple Dana and Bill will be in Ust on Monday February 18th....maybe we can meet!!

Anonymous said...

Bring back the red jacket, goes with philips rosey farmer cheeks! lol

A friend

Anonymous said...

hey you three!
I'm so glad your all doin' so well - Can't wait to have you home. Willow and Star are very excited about their new friend!

love you lots and can't wait to see yous again -

nice jackets guys!!!!!!!!!!

Pip pip xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

gem-a-lem-a-loo mclean

Anonymous said...

Hi there it is really great to read about your new baby daughter leah we are all delighted for you both and wish you Gods blessings for the time ahead. Hannah, Jessica & Jacob cant wait to meet leah and Jacob thinks he will see her at Sunday School!!!

PS. Nice jackets guys!!!!!!

Mark,Heather & Kids.

Anonymous said...

cant wait to meet Leah, missing you all lots cardy isnt the same without you both there. Miss talking to you at the front door phil. Give Leah a big hug from us all....love the fulton 4..xxx God bless xxx

Philip's Red Coat said...

Its hard being me... I was once loved, worn everyday, philip never went anywhere without me.. then suddenly without warning - i was flung to the side - disregarded like a old rag - rejected, unloved and left behind.

I appeal to you all of the behalf of old coats everywhere - support the