Sunday, 2 March 2008

Appeal - 3 days to go

Its getting close now, we had thought we could take her home on Tuesday but we found out today that it will actually be Wednesday before we can get her, only 3 more days to go!! She has never been outside in her life so we can’t wait to see her face when she gets her first taste of freedom.

We had a really great day today, even on our 34th day with her she is still improving and doing new things with us. We also got to change and dress her for the first time this morning, it was funny to see her reaction when she realised we were the ones who where getting her ready, it was like, ‘what are you two doing here’!?!

Its strange for us spending another Sunday away from Cardy Gospel Hall, Sundays are normally so busy for us its weird having so little to do here, only a couple more weeks to go!!

Keep praying, we are almost there!

Philip, Amanda & Leah


Happy Mothers Day Mummy!!!

Leah xo

Best Mothers Day Ever!!

Leahs buddys.

My shoes are on the right!


Anonymous said...

"DIAMONDS are Precious"
"DAUGHTERS are Priceless"
hope to see you all soon
lots of love
Alex & Christine

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!I am really missing you two.Cant wait to see Leah.Missing talking to you at the door before meetings Philip!Come home soon.
love Gina

Anonymous said...

Check out the kid trying to escape at the bottom right of 'Leahs buddys' don't think thats gonna work!

"DAVIDSONS are Precious"
"WILSONS are Priceless"


Matthew and Suzanne said...

Shee has such a sweet face! And look at all those baby faces! You just wanna sweep in there and pinch all those cheeks! Suz, another Kaz waiting family

Anonymous said...

Oh every time I see Leah she looks more gorgeous. The home looks great and so clean. Wouldn't mind one of those little babes myself if you can sneak another one out in your suitcase, I am sure one would fit in that big case I gave you!! WOW she has never been outside, she will be amazed and maybe even a little worried by all the open space! But then she will only be from the home into the taxi and then your hotel. Did you manage to get your room changed to a quieter one?
Love A Mo x

Anonymous said...

Hi wee sis hope you all are well,glad that you can bring Leah home to your room. Enjoy your sleep tonight cause it will be your last for a long time!! Kirsty and Aimee is missing you both lots a big kiss from them XXXXXXXXXX Speak to you soon, big hug from us all Lv Ken & Lynne xoxoxox Ps Ken said could you get him one off them russian hat or flag

Anonymous said...

I think any possible fear of open spaces will quickly be diverted by Victors driving! I take it he doesn't have a "Baby on board" sign!?

from a concerned uncle Gary

suejonez said...

Say hello to the Daniel supermarket for me... I promise I didn't name Daniel after the supermarket, I didn't find it until after that decision!