Monday, 17 March 2008

Much Better...

Since our last post we have moved to an apartment, its wonderful to have a little more room and be able to cook our own meals, its also a lot cheaper than the Shiney River. The Nels moved at the same time and are in the same block as us, they’re on the second floor and we are waay up on the fifth! Luke is a lot happier in his new roomier surroundings and we’re sure it will be better for Leah as well.

News on the Leah front is also good, thanks to all who have been praying for her! Her first night in hospital was pretty terrible for her, she didn’t eat and didn’t sleep the entire night, she was also, um, how can I put this delicately…. all backed up for about 3 days!!

Thankfully she is a lot better now, she slept well last night for the first time in 4-5 days, she also napped through the day. She is eating really well again, we found out that she LOVES mince meat and mashed potato! Apparently I was reared on mince and spuds so she must be taking after me!! We are still hoping that she will be able to be released tomorrow, the only thing really bothering her now is her gums and she still has a bit of a cold.

22nd is a possibility for our return to Northern Ireland though there are still a few outstanding documents which we need for this to happen so we would appreciate your prayers that the necessary docs will be here in time, to say we are looking forward to going home is to make an understatement of quite epic proportions!!!!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

p.s. Congratulations to Amanda’s Mum and Dad, Marie and Billy on their 40th wedding anniversary. We are only 33 years behind you!!!

“I’m sick and all mummy can do is text”!!!

Turns out nappy changing isn’t that hard after all.

“Which one’s Charlie again”?!?


dkeogh said...

Glad to hear Leah is feeling better.

Hopefully you can escape on the 22nd.

We too grew up on mince and spuds and both our kids love it....a great dinner with heinz beans!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

The Keoghs in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Who is the gorgeous wee boy in that photo? - is he available for modelling contracts?

Amy said...

Yeah!!! So nice to hear an update and see new pictures! That is great about Leah....hopefully you will be able to get out of there soon! Hope you all are taking care of yourselves and getting sleep when you can.

Anonymous said...

Dear Philip and Amanda

We have been enjoying your blog since Stephen Grant mentioned it on the Thirsty4God website. Leah is beautiful and your photos are great! We have been praying for you and will continue to do so. We praise God that He has taken care of your little one each day of her life and given her special parents to love her.

Spring is in the air in N.Ireland today - Paddy has turned the stone!
We are praying that you might have patience to cope with all these setbacks, and that your homeward journey will be safe - and soon! God will take care of the details.
Meantime, enjoy bonding - you'll be back to work soon Philip!

Enjoyed the preview of your Moses articles in the booklet - due to appear on in a few days' time - 'remember the amazing things God has done'.

God bless you all!

With Christian love from
Margaret & Lawerence McHugh

Anonymous said...

Philip changing nappies, its amazing what you can do on photoshop these days...


Sue Jones said...

Daniel still loves mince and mash (and varioations of it like bolognese sauce) a habit he also acquired at the baby-house - I think its their staple diet. Glad to hear that things are improving.

Julie said...

Gald she is getting better and that you have found somewhere better to stay. We had great news this week and we have our travel dates to thialand. We will be going out 1st May. Longer away than we through, but it does give us time to get organised.
Love all the photos

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's great to see the new photos of Leah. I do hope your documents are finalised SOON. It's a shame you wont get home on 22nd but no doubt God has his purposes in it as he has with everything else. Still it is OK to be disappointed. In the meantime enjoy having Leah to yourselves and think about all the fun things you will do with her when you get back. I was really sorry to hear about Amanda's gran, that must be very hard.
Will keep praying.
Love A Mo x

Anonymous said...

we are all great sence leahs better i hope you don't have to stay any longer than you have to stay already
give leah all are love
the stanfields !!!