Saturday, 8 March 2008

Hospital - day 3

We were praying last night that when we visited Leah today we would be encouraged by how much better she was, thankfully God answered our prayer and we found Leah pretty much back to her normal self this afternoon, I think the nurses who are looking after her were pleased to see how happy she was to see us.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this is a holiday weekend in Kazakhstan and the doctor who can allow her to leave won’t be back till Tuesday she could probably leave tomorrow, as it is we will have to be patient and wait another 3 days before we can finally take her home.

Congratulations to all the American families who arrived a few weeks ago, they had court on Thursday and Friday and were all successful! A few more of Leah’s Kaz cousins finding homes!!

Hope you enjoy the few pics from today with Leah in her orphanage clothes.

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Leah’s home for the last 3 days

Get me outa here!!!!

I love zips.

Leah's Nurses at the Hospital


Chris and Tricia said...

Glad to hear that Leah is doing well now. That must be tough with the lack of control you have over there. Hopefully she will be with you soon and you can get down to the business and love of being a family.

Anonymous said...

Orphanage clothes or not she's still the cutest girl in Kaz!!

Lots of love
Leah's totally unbiased Granny!

Anonymous said...

So pleased little Leah's better. I totally agree with Auntie Roberta she is sooo cute!!
Philip after all this Unbelievable trial of your patience you will have no bother waiting for food in a restaurant or watching football now!!!
Praying for you all.
Lots of Love
Catherine, James & Jacob xx

Kristan and Mark said...

I'm so happy to hear she is doing so much better.

Oh, Kaz, it shuts down for holidays and nothing gets accomplished!

She's almost with you forever!!

What happens in Kaz makes you stronger as a person and as a parent. Makes you greatful for all you have from basic rights to all the luxuries that aren't even considered luxuries at home.