Friday, 28 March 2008

We're going home!!!

It gives me enormous pleasure to announce that at 4pm afternoon I was able to collect Leah’s passport, complete with freshly printed visa!!

*pause for cheers and applause*

It obviously wasn’t straightforward (nothing ever is in Kazakhstan) but with the help of Karen at Stormont back home and the consulate staff here in Almaty we were able to pick up our visa 24hrs after we applied for it. God has been with us every stage of the journey so far and certainly did not let us down at this final hurdle. Thanks to all who have been praying for us!

Also got good news about the Nel’s, they got their visa yesterday and will be flying home today. Luke should be taking his first lungful of South African air about the same time as we land in Belfast.

Leah has come a long way in the last 8 weeks, from the quiet little girl we met who couldn’t sit upright, made no eye contact at all and had no power in her legs to the happy, nosey, noisy girl who today took her first few steps while holding her mummies hands. It’s been a very long, intense, indescribably frustrating journey but ultimately so incredibly worth it!

See you tomorrow Northern Ireland!!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

p.s. John, as Leah's father I want 25% of the revenue from the lil-leah merchandise!

Leah posing with her new passport

“I’ve told you before, I’m not nosey”!!!

Leah showing off her new trick

View from our apartment


dkeogh said...

Love the photos.....look at the length of Leah's fingers - she is going to be a piano player! Those Tien Shen mountains are gorgeous in Almaty.......and the beer of the same name is not bad either!! Passpost made me smile, we ran into issues getting Orins and when we finally got it it said 'female' for sex.....I didn't care and do you know we have travelled home to Canada from Kaz with NO-ONE ever saying a word and also from Canada to Ireland and NO-ONE noticing!! (we tried to get it fixed but it would have ended up having to go back to Kaz for 3 you say NOTHING is straight forward in Kaz...except for the fact their kids are gorgeous!!

So glad you are nearly there and you get to go home.

Wishing you the safest of trips and the warmest of home comings.

It has been lovely to follow your journey.

The Keogh's in Canada

Anonymous said...

You've got our cheers and applause!! We are delighted that Leahs visa was processed so quickly and that you will now be able to head for home. Wishing you a safe and pleasent journey back. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Giliane and Dianna

Amy said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!! Homeward bound for the three of you!! So fantastic!!! So go home already!!! ; ) Say hi to the Nels if you get a chance for me!!!

Anonymous said...

aaarrghhhh i've just booked your flight from London to belfast city - no turning back now!!!!!
Getting everything organised to meet you at the airport.

1. Fireworks display as the plane lands
2. Get permission of some bloke "Ambrose" to have a fireworks display
3. American high school style marching band to meet yous' on the runway
4. A giant cake for all your nearest and dearest to jump out of wearing "lil Leah" merchantdise
5. Some wheaten bread and other locally produced baked goods.

Cant believe we're actually going to see Leah in the flesh - feels like we're going to meet a celebrity!!!

Until tomorrow!!!

Avril, Jeff & Charlie

Kaz or bust said...

We are so happy to hear that you're on your way home! It was great to meet you in Kaz and we'll meet again..... Also we are so happy to hear about the Nels, tell them hello and congrats for us. Those of you who are fortunate enough to have The Davidson family as your family/friends...... congratulations, they truly wonderful people. Things for us here in the U.S. are going well. We are both back to work now and can't wait to see Nora again. Keep in touch and God bless, Bill and Dana Spyker (and Nora!) P.S. We wish we could do it all again, such a wonderful experience!

Kim said...

Congratulations! It has been such a long, hard journey for you but it is obvious that you would go through it all again for that beautiful girl.

Good luck, safe travels and happy living to you all.

Jennifer said...

Dear Philip, Amanda and baby Leah,

Many, many congrulations on becoming a lovely family.
We have all been praying for you, trust that you have got to Ireland safely.
Also hope you get some well deserved rest.

All our love and prayers,
Patrizio, Jennifer, Daniel, Ester and Lydia.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! and safe home all 3. can just picture the welcome u will get! love terry, cheryl &co x

Jane & Shaun said...

Great news! So pleased for you all. It has been such a difficult journey but all so worth it. You will have so many things to tell and memories to reflect on once you are home.

Reading your latest blog entry really brought a lump to my throat and yes I did shed a few tears!! Happy tears at that because you all so deserve the happiness that is yours now together. Take good care.

Anonymous said...

Praise God! So glad to hear such wonderful news! Safe journey home!
Lawerence & Margaret McHugh

Anonymous said...

Hey wish i could be at Belfast City tomoz! So pleased for you both! Leah is gorg! can't wait for us all to meet with our babies! we def need to have a reunion soon! Trust all goes well tomoz. Itz been great reading your blog & seeing God's plan for you both unfold.

See you all soon

Fraser, Deborah & Eva Grace xxx

Anonymous said...

finally yous are heading home with your gorgeous baby girl !!! im sure yous cant belive it!!! travis cant wait to meet leah journey home see you all very soon


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! What a journey it's been. Glad you're on the home straight.

Philip, thought your article in Thrsty4God for today was particularly apt. It's title is Positive Thinking. I'll give you the last paragraph.

"When I consider all that God has done for me, and even when situations look hopeless, like Paul I should be able to say with confidence, "If God be for us, who can be against us".

Kind of adds weight to the article when you see it being lived out!! Well done for not being overwhelmed by "the giants" and "the city walls".

Safe home!!

Love Blair, Elaine and co.

Amy said...

Soooooo? Have you made to the point where you got home and went through the front door and closed the door? If so then your journey has come to an end!!!!!!!!!!!! Now go sit down for a minute and relax because you had one heck of a journey! Congratulations you made it to the end! Enjoy the rest of your lives since the real fun is just beginning!

Regina said...

Congratulations! Lots of cheers and applause coming from the US! Safe travels home.

Julie said...

Congratulations! Hope you all have a safe trip home. Love the new photos- she is just so cute