Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Last day in Ust...

Today is our last full day in Ust-Kamenogorsk, almost 8 weeks to the day after arriving! Tomorrow we fly to Almaty, one step closer to home!

Today is also the day we find out if Leah’s passport has arrived, if it has then we will go to the British visa office in Almaty on Thursday morning and attempt to start the visa process for Leah with a photocopy of her passport while the original is in Astana for 2 days.

It’s difficult to properly reflect on our time here yet, it has definitely been the most intense and amazing experience of our lives but I can safely say that we are all looking forward to the Blue skys of Ulster!!!!

Once we get any information on Leah’s passport and visa we will let you know, our flights are booked for the 29th but making these flights will depend on staff at the visa office being prepared to start the application process with a photocopy, please pray!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Out for a walk.
Leah chewing


Anonymous said...

Home straight ! Gary had better get out of that chair .... Stephen

sue JOnes said...

Just a word of warning - DCFS took 5 days to respond to my visa request and that was with a full copy of passport. If you're going to do it with a photocopy - get a notarised copy that may work.

Say goodbye to USt for me - it's a very odd feeling that you will probably not be back for many many years. You think you want to leave then when you've been home 6 months you start thinking about it and wishing you could go back! Very odd! Is that photo taken oputside the zoo by the tramlines?

Amy said...

Hi Philip and Amanda! Glad to see that you are finally beginning to make your way home! It was wonderful meeting you both in Ust and I hope everything goes smoothly for your return to Ireland! Love the pictures of Leah as usual!

Sara and Adam said...

Keeping our fingers crossed Leah's documents come soon. Try and enjoy the quiet time just the three of you are having right now. We had lots of delays in Kaz and were so ready to get home, so I definitely understand where you're coming from. But when you get home, life will be really hectic, so for whatever it is worth, try and enjoy the quiet time as Davidson- Party of Three!

Kristan and Mark said...

I have never figured out exactly how to articulate my three months in Kaz. No matter how detailed of a blog you keep, until you live it, no one can really quite understand it. It was one of the best experiences of my life yet one of the most difficult as well. My memories of Kaz are very dear to my heart, as well as the people of Kaz and the children left behind. However I also know that no matter what, I would never want Kaz to be my permanent home. It is not an easy way of life. It changes you forever! I don't think anyone ever leaves Kaz the same as they were before arriving. I hope not anyway!

Hope the visa comes today!

Anonymous said...

hey, amanda you look very happy pushing that buggy its a proud moment!! praying that photocopy will be enough..leah looks very cute as usual!