Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Liberation Day!!

been a long time coming but at 1.30pm this afternoon we were finally allowed to take Leah from the baby house back to our hotel!!

There were a lot of ‘firsts’ when we made it back to our room, the first time I’ve ever changed a nappy (ok it was only a wet one, I’ll leave the nasty ones to Amanda for the time being till I feel up to it), first time we got to feed her, first time we got to bath her, we couldn’t wait to wash away the orphanage smell!

We then got to spend about 30mins staring at her in her cot while she was sleeping, we were worried she might disappear if we took our eyes off her! At last we truly feel like her parents!!

As I’m typing this she is rolling around our hotel bed playing with her toys and making happy gurgling noises, I don’t care if it sounds a little clich├ęd but all the trials and heartaches of the last 3 years or so are just melting away!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Where on earth am I!?!?!

At last!

Mmmm, that new baby smell!

Just checkin my emails before bedtime.


Jane & Shaun said...

That is wonderful for you both, congratulations on finally being able to take Leah back with you.

I have tears welling up as I type this!

The photos of Leah are lovely.

How is she now? Feeling better I hope.

What happens now with regards the rest of your trip? Will you all be travelling back to Almaty soon?

Take care and enjoy your time together.

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Horray!!!!!!!!!!!! At last you are a completed family unit!! It'll be hard for Philip to adjust to not being the most childish person in the room!! but im impressed to see he's sharing his toys and allowing Leah to play on his computer!!

With love
Aunty Avril, Uncle Jeff & cuz Charlie xo

Anonymous said...

wonderful news at last!!!!!!!! yeaaaa!!! youll not be able to sleep with exictment, and every wee noise she makes during the nite youll be up peeping in at her, enjoy it!! congratulations you two!

how long do yous have to stay in the country now? hopefully not to long! but hey yous have leah!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - great news. It won't be long before she's getting told off for touching that computer! Have lots of fun - we are thrilled for you three.
Paul, Karen & Luke
ps Avril - I reckon Phil is still the most childish.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!I'm so happy for you's!!EEEEEeee!Can't wait to see you's all!
Ruthy Dxx

Anonymous said...

At last - wonderful news. So glad for you all that things are finally getting to be where they should be!! Hope it won't be too long before you're back in NI!

Booked the ferry last night to come and meet Leah when Blair has the meeting in May.

Have fun together.

God bless, love from

The Martin family

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Looks like Leahs gonna be a computor nerd like her dad! I'll have to buy her a pair of tiny glasses an put tape in the middle of them like the one's philip used to wear!


Anonymous said...

PS Must add that it goes without saying the Martin family is very, very, very much looking forward to meeting Charlie and Jacob too!!!!

(Apologies to any offended parties)

Anonymous said...

Good Job you cleared that up - we're very sensitive

Charlie & Jacob

Kim said...

Thank God!

I am so happy for you. It brought tears to me eyes seeing her in the car heading for her new life.

Congratulations to the 3 of you!!!

Chris and Tricia said...

Love the e-mail picture. She'll be working a computer before you know it. Congratulations on your Liberation Day!

Kim & Jamie said...

Congratulations on Liberation Day at long last!!! She is absolutely beautiful:) Best wishes for the rest of your stay in Kaz and may it be a short at that!!!

Kristan and Mark said...


Another beautiful Kaz baby united with her family, forever!!

Anonymous said...

Sooo happy for you all! Now the next step is getting back to Ireland bet you can't wait to get Leah home to meet the rest of her family.. Good to remember the power of prayer in all of this, Our God is an Awesome God. Lots of love Marian Xxx

Angela said...

YEA! Leah is finally with her mom & dad! Congratulations!

Jeannine said...

Your daughter is beautiful-- congratulations! And it is wonderful news that she is out of the hospital. I returned from Kaz in Jan. with my daughter, and this is my first time finding your blog-- I look forward to reading back about your journey.

Pam said...

Congratulations on becoming a family of 3! I'm sure it was a magnificent day for you both - and to finally feel like the parents that you've become. I remember longing for all the same things that you did until the very day I took custody, wanting to feed a bottle, change a diaper, anything I could do for my son besides just hold him close for a few hours a day (not to minimize the importance of that given the circumstances), but all the things that a parent does for a child were sorely missing until the morning we walked out of the baby house. I'm home nearly two years and I can honestly say it never gets old. Enjoy every remaining moment together in Kaz.
Best, Pam and Nicholas

Anonymous said...

Horray!!!!!!!! Priase the Lord!! You three make a beautiful looking family, she is such a wee gem. We are so happy for you. Mark and Louise

Anonymous said...

Great to see these photos. Cardy calls !!!! It is going to be a different experience at the Davidson ranch with all these "weans".... I am thinking that Sunday lunch is going to be interesting in a few months time. Gary, Philip and Avril more concerned about the kids than the mushrooms!!
Congratulations from the Grant family.

Anonymous said...

I reckon you underestimate my families love of mushrooms but I agree that Sunday lunch times will be a lively affair.

Chief Cook of the Davidson Ranch!

dkeogh said...

And then there were 3!! How lovely, so happy for you this day has come. You are right everything else fades away doesn't it!!

Not to worry about changing a dirty nappy Philip.....you have LOTS of time to do that.

Hope you get to go home soon.

The Keoghclan.

dkeogh said...

And then there were 3!! How lovely, so happy for you this day has come. You are right everything else fades away doesn't it!!

Not to worry about changing a dirty nappy Philip.....you have LOTS of time to do that.

Hope you get to go home soon.

The Keoghclan.

Suejonez said...

Congratulations. Thinking of you all and wishing I could do it all again!

Anonymous said...

What fantastic news!! We're are delighted for you both:) Leah is a beautiful wee girl who has a wonderful life ahead of her. God Bless you all as you finally travel home together. Love Esther and Kris xxxx

Tanyl said...

I am very happy to see Leah in your arms. Seeing here so much better is wonderful. Congratulations!!!

Have a safe and good trip!

The Young's said...

Wonderful news. Congrats MaMa and PaPa. I think it is so appropriate that your first holiday together is St Patricks Day. May the road rise up to meet you...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. :)Lovely pictures of the three of you together.

Congratulations to the three of you.


lesanne said...

Dear Amanda, Philip, and Leah,
You're a beautiful family! Congratulations!!!
Take care, Leslie and little Julianna in Boston

Amy said...

YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Thank heavens!!! She is yours for good!!! So happy for both of you!!!! And for Leah too of course!!! Do you look as tired as Jeremy looked after his first full day? Must take a picture of that! Hi Amanda! Congratulations to you all again!!! You both deserve to have a very happy full life!

A Smiling Amy!!

philip stanfield said...

Jut wonderful Philip and Amanda. A new life begins now for the 3 of you. As you say time to wash away the past and look forward to the future.

Enjoy EVERY moment of EVERY day.

Philip and Joanne

lorraine said...

Amanda Philip and baby Leah

I am so pleased to see you now have your beautiful little girl.
May you enjoy every minute of the blessings a child will bring to you and your family.

With love and best wishes for the future

Lorraine (Kubby)

Anonymous said...

leah is sooo cute ithink she will grow up to be a bussness women in the pic she looked just like philip

lots of love
and, all the best