Thursday, 13 March 2008

Spoke too soon...

Leah obviously didn’t read the script!! She was meant to come back to the hotel where we could begin our life of idyllic bliss together, she may have even managed a ‘night night mummy and daddy’ by her second night!!

However, what actually happened is she contracted a viral infection almost immediately, had a fever of 39 degrees (for the benefit of our Americans readers that’s very high) and was admitted to hospital again this morning.

We were worried that it was a reoccurrence of her ear infection which would have meant more anti-biotics but thankfully this is not the case, the doctors are actually quite happy with her, her temp is normal again and she should be out by Monday.

The first night with we knew something was not quite right but we put it down to the fact that she was in a new place with new people caring for her. The next morning however we knew that is was something more serious, she didn’t sleep, didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to play and the only thing that would stop her from crying was when we rocked her in our arms, even when she fell asleep as soon as we stopped rocking she would cry! 48 hours of taking it in turns to rock her was kinda tough. She has also only had one dirty nappy in the past 3 days which is probably a major reason why she is so distressed, the doctors are aware of this and will be able to help her.

Amanda is able to stay with her in the hospital which is great for Leah, I wanted to stay also but was told it was not allowed, they were actually amused that I wanted to, “Kazakhstan men would not want to do such a thing” they said!!

I can visit for over 6 hours per day which is not too bad, pray that all will go well for Amanda and Leah. We would like to go home now thank you very much, there has been a slight delay with Leah’s passport but it looks likely that we will be flying back home on the 22nd March.

Pray that Amanda and Leah will be preserved and protected in a strange place for them.

Philip, Amanda & Leah


kristen said...

Wow - you certainly have had your share of waiting - even in the country! I am 'supposed' to get my daughter next Thursday (I am in Petro now.) I hope and pray this trip to the hospital goes smoothly and quickly for all your sakes. I also hope that my little girl remains in good health, I can't imagine having her go to the hospital now! Your little girl is absolutely gorgeous - congratulations!! (I was following your blog before I left for Kaz, Feb. 5, but have checked very few since being here b/c the connection is so slow, so I am just catching up on your story!) God Bless you ALL, Kristen

Kristan and Mark said...

I am so sorry to hear this, but happy to know that Amanda is allowed to be with her in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry poor Leah is ill again. She needs to get to the healthy air of Ballywalter. I do hope that she will get better VERY quickly and that Amanda stays well and managed to get some sleep. 22nd March is not too far away so we will pray she is really fit by then.
Love A Mo x

Amy said...

Yikes. Wow you guys have experienced it all in Kazakhstan. The road is almost clear though and you will go home at some point. None of the blogs I ever read ended with the new family staying in Kazakhstan forever, so you can take comfort in knowing at some point you will be done done done. There will be an end to it and you will get to kiss the tarmac Philip!

Amy said...

Just don' know....french kiss it because .....that would be weird. Keep you sense of humor intact since I am sure you know that gets you through many things.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of all the setbacks and of Leah's ill feeling. I pray that everything moves swiftly again and that you all can get to Ireland next week.

Ours prayers are with you,

Frank, Sandy and Caroline

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Feel better little girl! I'm so sorry to hear this news but at least you can spend time together.

lesanne said...

Dear Amanda and Philip,
All our prayers are with you that your sweet Leah will be feeling perfect very soon, and you'll all be home together in Ireland before you know it!
Take care, Leslie and Julianna

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you both.
Ruthy D

Jeanie said...

I am so sorry to have read that leah is back in the hospital. Hope she will get back to the hotel on Monday and then you guys can be on you way home the following monday. My thoughts,prayers and love are with you. I will be back in UST on monday sometime.

Anonymous said...

Happy St Patrick's Day to all of you! May the prayers of all your friends and family be answered tomorrow with your little family reunited back in the hotel.
warm wishes, uncle Bill x