Friday, 7 March 2008


An easy process this is not!!

Dear friends, blog readers across the world, let me give you a brief summary of the last couple of days.

On Wednesday (the day we should have been taking Leah out of the baby house for good) we spent the entire day chasing paper and only made it to the orphanage after 4pm, when we saw Leah we knew right away she wasn’t good, you could feel the heat coming off her from across the room!

Thursday morning our visit was cancelled but we were told we could see her after 2.30. At 2pm our translator Raigul came to the hotel and almost beat our door down as we opened it she blurted out “bad news, Leah is in Hospital, you can’t visit her for 5 days”. After the initial shock had worn off we managed to get out of her that she was no worse but they were concerned that she was not getting well fast enough in the baby house so they had sent her that morning to the hospital were she would get better a lot quicker, we asked to be taken to see her right away but our coordinator here had not even been told where she had been taken but would find out first thing in the morning. Obviously no one had thought the child’s new parents might want to know where there daughter was!!

Thursday evening was spent trying to come to terms with the fact that just the day before we had been named as her official parents and now 24hrs later we had no idea where our daughter was or how she was!!!

Friday morning we found out that Leah was staying in a hospital just 1 mile away from the baby house but we couldn’t visit her to the evening. After an eternity 5pm came and we briefly visited Leah in the hospital, thankfully she is on the mend. Her temperature is back to normal and she has been moved to a recovery room for the next few days, she will be well enough to finally take her back to the hotel on Tuesday. The hospital itself seems to be very clean and well run, we had hoped to be allowed to stay with her in the hospital but this is not possible, we should at least get a longer visit tomorrow.

The last couple of days have been trying to say the least but we know that God is in control and that very soon we will be winging our way back to Northern Ireland!! This whole episode has made us long to be home even more, we take it for granted that we live in a country where we expect to be treated in a certain way and that if we are not happy with a situation you can at the very least complain about it and try to get the problem resolved. Here its more a case off ‘like it or lump it!”.

As I’m typing this blog I’m humming the national anthem and can’t wait to kiss the tarmac at Belfast Airport!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah


lesanne said...

Dear Amanda and Philip,
All my prayers and good thoughts are with you and Leah! Just keep imagining how happy you'll be holding your sweetie on the plane ride will be VERY soon!
Take very good care, Leslie and Julianna (home from Ust exactly one year today :) will be you soon too!!!)

The Young's said...

Amanda and Phillip,
I pray Leah gets well soon. After you take custody of her I advise you to ask your coordinator to find you a local pediatrican who can examine Leah, to make sure she has received the right amount of antibiotics prior to air travel. I dont think the cost is outrageous and you will have piece of mind especially IF the communication was less than adequate at the hospital.
As Leah's legal parents you do have rights, and I hope the new birth certiicate is in your posession now that the 15 day waiting period is complete. If not then ask to see it and get a copy of it.
As Americans we have the American Embassy in Almaty to assist us with any in country issues IF they occur. I am not anticipating any issues but being prepared is important. Also prior to leaving Almaty the children are examined by a physician so Leah will have another check before your flight home.
Praying for you in NY, with our Leah from Ust Kamenogorsk

Anonymous said...

We've been logging on every day and following your long journey to be mum and dad to your adorable wee girl. Hang in there - you've waited years. Another few days to go. Missing you in Cardy.

Albert, Heather and Victoria xox

Anonymous said...

hi, i can only imagine how terrifying that must have been, it is awful that had to happen, what a scare! thankfully leahs guys have had some journey and no wonder yous cant wait to get home with leah..i just cant wait to read.."coming home see you all soon!!!"

lynsey,paul&travis x

Kim said...

Praying for all of you. I can't wait to hear that Leah is all better and in your custody.

Julie said...

You are all in our prayers. Hope she is better soon and you can all travel home Safely.

dkeogh said...

Oh gosh - how stressful. One one hand there is a birth cert. to say you are her parents but on the other as you say its 'hands off' I remember getting very frustrated in Almaty about how I couldn't get answers on something to do with Orins passport (probably was there about 6 weeks at the time) but as you say....that is not worth much in have to tow the line.

I really really hope things look up soon and that you can get to take Leah with you and home. I landed on Belfast Airport tarmac a few times myself and I must say it is rather nice alright :-) so I can understand you wanting to kiss it!! Never felt that urge myself but sure go for it!! I will always remember seeing the words 'Bienvenue au Canada' when I landed in Toronto airport with Orin after 9 weeks in Kazland.....I cried :-) After a while in Kaz it is hard to believe there is life outside Kazland!!

The Keogh's

Kristan and Mark said...

Oh my, I hate to hear that you two and Leah are going through this, what hell!!!

It seem like common sense that once you became the legal parents of Leah that you would be able to make decisions regarding her care, even one such as we want her with us and will get her the treatment she needs or at least the right to be with her or at the very least know where she is.

However after living three months in Kaz I know that this is not as easy as it seems. After all it is Kaz and they do have the best interest of Leah at heart. I remember someone at the baby house telling me that even though they want parents for all the children, they still think they know best.

Their intentions are good, but doesn't make it any less frustrating or nerve racking.

So happy to hear she is recoving well and you should have her forever in a few more (probably very long) days.

There is no place like home!