Sunday, 9 March 2008

Hospital - day 4

Its been over 6 weeks since we landed in Kazakhstan, a winter wonderland with beautiful sights and harsh temperatures. Spring has now well and truly sprung and the snow has disappeared revealing the grubby and slightly depressing reality underneath.

There is a non too subtle metaphor for our trip floating around there somewhere but lets move unto a more uplifting subject, Leah!! She was wonderful today, we were allowed to visit for 40mins in the morning and afternoon and on both occasions we were greeted with the smile she normally reserves for the Kazak dolly in the baby house or ‘Leo’ the lion! She is back to being as good as she has ever been and we can’t wait for Tuesday when we can at last bring her home with us!

We must make special mention again of our agency and their staff out here. We have been using Enroute who are affiliates of the ‘Frank Foundation’ and we can honestly say they have been nothing less than fantastic with us. Without Nicole our contact in the US, our coordinator Nadia, translator Raigul and the one and only Victor this would have been an even tougher trip. If anyone reading this is looking around for an agency or if you have already chosen Enroute/Frank Foundation we can tell you that you’ll be in good hands with ‘Frank’.

Pray that Leah’s good health will continue and that she will be able to come back with us on Tuesday.

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Love the hat!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was possible but I think she is getting cuter everytime I see a new picture!!
Praying for you's

Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was possible but I think she is getting cuter everytime I see a new picture!!
Praying for you's

kitzkazventure said...

Love the smile! We actually wished the snow and ice back once everything started to is a bit depressing and messy but just think it is the mess before the beauty of the flowers and budding trees. Our little town was not so pretty even by early April but once we got to Almaty, it was green and tulips everywhere. It was our sign of our new beginning with our son. I am sure you will feel the same especially with a smile like that! Praying for a quick escape on Tuesday!

Matthew and Suzanne said...

What a smile. I hope she feels much better soon. This must be very stressful for you.

Jane & Shaun said...

We were so glad to hear Leah is improving and will be with you on Tuesday. We have been following your blog every week, so sorry to hear about the last few very stressful days, what an experience! Leah is gorgeous, what a lovely smile she has which lights up her whole face!

Thank you both so much for your kind words on the UK Kaz adoption group. We are also using Enroute so your comments about them is very reassuring.

We wish you all well during the remainder of your stay and pray Leah's health will continue to improve.

Anonymous said...

Well at last i've realised that you can actually leave a commment and not have to sign up to get a new email address (oops!) clever Avril is all I can say. Firstly congratulations, Leah is beatiful you look such a happy little family and you can really see by the pictures how happy Leah is with her Mummy and daddy. Was with Avril n co on Friday was great seeing everyone again, will see you guys the next timei'm over. Sure your longing for home now, Philip you need to get back and claim 'your chair'in the office gary seems to think it's his:). Love and hugs to little Leah take care love Marian Xxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates you guys - it has been a great story to follow and you can see God's been in it all the way. We're praying that things go smooth for you and you get home as planned no hiccups. It may not be as interesting to read but I would think its been an exciting enough adventure for you so far. Leah is too cute :) her and Charlie will be great together.


Kristan and Mark said...

It's Monday morning there. One more day and you should have your girl forever!

The day we were to take Sadie out of the BH I kept thinking, wow she has no idea how much her life is about to change forever. And as soon as I walked in the room and we started changing her in to her "going home outfit" and snow suit the tears just started pouring. I had no idea I would be so emotional about it all. The next thing I new the caretaker was crying too. It was so incredibly emotional for all of us.

Mud season is awful. I remember how bleak Karaganda looked when the snow melted and uncovered all the trash that the snow had hidden. It'll stay that way until they think it might be the end of the snow falling and then they will start to clean up. But I found it pretty depressing until it was cleaned up.

We had our boys with us, 5 and 8 at the time and a year later when you ask them their first impression of Kaz, my older one says how much they littered. But then he remembers happier things, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Sorry its been a while since you got any wise words from me and sorry to hear about all your trials, disappointments an frustrations over the last couple of days, I suppose that was God's plan for philip being a Man U fan all these years so he'd be used to it... Tell Leah I said 'Sizben tanyskanyma ote kuyanyshtymyn'


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see the smile on Leah she is looking alot better know. Good luck for tomorrow, hopefully you both get some sleep tonight. Ken & Lynne and the girls x x

Avril said...

You'd think by the smile on Leah's face that she knows what is happening tomorrow!!!

Make sure you both get a Good nights sleep - SLEEP LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SLEPT BEFORE!!!! could be the last time for a long time!!

Sleep deprived new mother & aunt extraordinaire xoxo

P.S seriously.. are you's asleep yet?!?

Kathy said...

Hello and Congratulations! Leah is beautiful. I second your comments on Frank Foundation and EnRoute we used them in 2003 to adopt our son from Russia and in 2005 to adopt our daughter from Ust! We did have some different in country people but loved working with Frank Foundation both times. Have a great day tomorrow when you finally get to take Leah with you.

demicmic said...

She looks adorable. You can ask to trade them for the hat. We did. We traded a nice hat with the tags still on, for the hat she was wearing in the orphange. Just a thought. So glad she is doing better.

Tanyl said...

What a beautiful smile! I am very glad to hear that Leah is better.

Good luck for tomorrow.

Amy said...

Today is Tuesday!!! Can't wait to see the new post with you and her back at the Shiny River!!! How is Luke doing? How are you doing? Leah sounds like she is doing pretty darn good! Waiting for that first shot of the three of you!!

Anonymous said...

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Kristan and Mark said...

It's Tuesday night there. Hoping Leah is with you now, forever!!