Thursday, 20 March 2008

Apartment Life.

Good news and bad news!! Which do you want to hear first?!?...

Ok, good news… Since we took her back to the apartment on Tuesday Leah has been fantastic, she is better than we could have even hoped for! She is sleeping really well and food entry and exit is going according to plan! We have also seen wonderful progress with bonding since it has been just the three of us back here, she gets so excited when either one of us come back into the room after being away for a bit.

Ok then, now the bad news. Leah’s passport has STILL not arrived it may come today but we won’t know till later on, either way our flight home on the 22nd is now impossible. Our best hope is now somewhere around the 27th - 29th March. Also little Luke was taken into hospital yesterday with an extremely high fever, he is much better now but will have to stay there for at least 5 days.

The walls have been kinda closing in on us over the last day or so, we are cooped up in a small apartment, paranoid that Leah will get sick again and longing to go home! Its hard to understand why its taking so long but as we look back over this whole process we can see clearly the hand of God guiding us according to His time not ours, if we had come out here when we expected then we would have never met our Leah so we have to believe that He is still in control and that all this is happening for a good reason, as I have already mentioned one positive thing to come from this time is how much Leah’s relationship has improved with us even over the last two days!

This whole process is not for the faint hearted but ultimately so very worth it!!!

Farewell to Bill & Dana Spyker who return to Chicago today, remember you three promised to come visit us in N Ireland soon!!!!!!

Pray that her passport will come today and we can fly home next week.
Pray that Luke will recover soon.

Philip, Amanda & Leah

The Spykers, Nels and Davidsons


Anonymous said...

Just between you guys an me, I know a guy who does fake passports, goes by the name Davy Lee, he also does a great sweet an sour chicken.

Yours ICantbelieveitsnotchickenfully

sue JOnes said...

I know its tough (beleive me I know!) but in the end the extra time you spend in KAz with Leah with nothing to do than devote yourself to her, will make the world of difference to the bonding process. I look back now and realise that I was fortunate to have been forced to do it. And it made me appreciate home - everyone speaks English, there isn't permanent ice on the pavements, you can drive a car... the first week home is brilliant!

dkeogh said...

Been there - done that. Was delayed an extra week in Almaty because of waiting for Orins passport - and my husband and daughter were already in Toronto so I was solo with Orin. Looking back though the time exclusively between the little man and I went a long way in forming the bond and trust between he and I. It is a long journey home (it took me 29 hours) so trust me the fact I had learned things that distracted, soothed and calmed him in Almaty helped me on my own with him.

Having said that I also totally understand wanting to get home and back to normal life. You have a wee princess you have waited a long time for that you want to share with your family and friends (comments show they want to see you all too me thinks ;-))

Are you going to stay in Ust until the end or are you going to spend a few days in Almaty? It is a big city, somewhere new to see, lots of adoptive families there and it might help ease the boredom and homesickness.

Just a thought.

The Keogh's in Toronto.

PS. JDog I meant to post it before you are a MADMAN. Every time I read your posts I end up remind me very much of home and the way........

Amy said... is like a soap opera over there! Every time I read a new entry everything has changed radically. It is good to hear that your Leah is doing well and is with you at the apartment! I am praying hard that her passport gets there soon soon soon! How are Jeremy and Elaine holding up? They must be exhausted! Bill and Dana are coming back to Chicago? Holy cow! Say hi to Amanda and the Nels for me!

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Anonymous said...

tht pic with the 2 other familys and children the one beside philip looks a lot like gary!