Friday, 4 January 2008

New year, same problem...

Happy 2008 everyone!

The Christmas holidays obviously did nothing to improve the mood of our MOE official! Alma met with her on the 3rd of January as she had been asked to and after waiting for over 3 hours she was told to come back on the 10th and she would be given the dossier then.

We are understandably dubious that this will happen on the 10th so we have asked our agency to find some alternative regions for us. There are two possibilities which we should get a little more info about next week.

This will at least give us some options rather than the current never ending waiting for Ust!

By next week we should be in one of the following categories,

1. The MOE official has finally kept her word and Alma gets our dossier on the 10th.
2. Alma is told to come back in a weeks time AGAIN and we decide to wait.
3. Alma has been told to come back but rather than waiting we decide to move regions.

We pray that the way ahead will be made clear and that we will have a direction to move in by next week.

Pray That the Lords will for us will be clearly seen and we will finally start moving forward again.

We will keep you posted, keep praying!

Still keeping the faith!!

Philip & Amanda


Amy said...

Will be waiting and watching right along with you. If I hear any news myself from my coordinator about my file I will let you know ASAP.

Matthew and Suzanne said...

I am praying for you too. We're a waiting family - we're "new" to this wait...