Saturday, 26 January 2008

easyjet rant

OK as promised yesterday, my easyjet rant!!

We arrived at Belfast international airport on Thursday afternoon to catch our easyjet flight to London, we had 55kg of luggage in 2 bags to check in, 30kg of which was clothes and toys for the orphanage, we are actually allowed 50kg of luggage EACH but if there is more than 20kg per individual bag they charge extra.

We hoped that when we explained at the desk that it was aid for an orphanage there would be no fee, or at least a small fee. How naive we were, for the extra 16kg they charged us...... wait for it..... £100!?!! £100?? That's almost as much as both our tickets combined!! The girl on the desk told us it didn't matter that it was for an orphanage they had to charge extra, her manager said the same thing when we asked him as well!! So there we where, at the desk faced with 3 choices,

1. Leave the orphanage bag behind.
2. Go home
3. Be gouged by easyjet, pay the cash and whinge at the girl behind the easyjet desk.

We chose option 3

So in future, unless the alternative is walking, I'm never, ever going to fly easyjet again!! The boycott starts here! -.-

In other news, we fly to Kazakhstan in 5 hours *gulp*

Philip & Amanda


suejonez said...

It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday - Daniel was worn out with all teh showing off he did! I'll be thinking of you.

Matthew and Suzanne said...

100 pounds is around 200 dollars? Wow that is a lot. I anticipate spending about that much on extra baggage too. My husband I have recently lost a cumulative 75 pounds, I wish I could get that credit for our baggage.... What's so easy about easyjet?

Anonymous said...

ok ok, so thats a rip off! But come on guys.... don't let that rain on your parade! Your going to get your baby girl...... NOW!!!!!!!! Amen!

Gemma xo

ps..... Ditch the coat and take your chances Philip!!!

Anonymous said...

100 pounds!!!you could probably buy all the clothes and toys over again for that.easyjet=scrooges!!
thinking of you both. It was very weird at the meeting this morning there was no nice friendly smiley Amanda and well no ...Philip...


Amy said...

They should reaname themselves paininthea**jet. Or is that too harsh? You should be flying now as I write this post!! Congratulations on making it this far. You are on the 25th mile of a 26 mile marathon. All you have to do now is survive the last two miles!!