Thursday, 24 January 2008

LOI, yes really!

OK..... Where to start?!? Its probably best if I blurt it all out in one go!

Our LOI has been issued!
Its already in Astana waiting to be sent to London!
We are hoping to get a copy emailed to us in the morning!
The LOI should arrive at the London Embassy by latest Friday!
We along with almost 60kg of luggage and aid for Kaz are flying out to London on Thursday!
We are going to the Embassy first thing Friday morning to try to get our Visa!
If we get our Visa we are going to attempt to bring our flights forward to Sat evening!
If this goes ok we will arrive in Almaty on Sun morning and Ust that afternoon!
We should then meet our daughter for the first time on Monday morning!

Yes, I know!! Its bonkers, you wait three years for something and it manages to take you by surprise when it happens!! There are still a few 'unknowns' in the above list but worst case scenario we come home again on Friday and try again for our Visa next week, the BIG DEAL is the fact that we finally have our LOI. PRAISE THE LORD!!

'I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait and in his word do I hope' psalm 130v5

We will update from our Hotel in London tomorrow, I've already checked that the London hotel and the hotel we will be staying at in Ust all have wireless broadband so keep watching! ;)

Pray that the LOI makes it to London on Friday and that we are able to get our visa's that morning!

Philip & Amanda


yeomans2kaz said...

Congrats!!! I found your blog a little while ago and have been catching up on your saga. I'm so happy you are finally almost there. I look forward to following your journey in Ust! We'll be heading to Almaty in a couple weeks ourselves.

hollytrawick said...

Great News! We will be following your journey. Our prayers are with you.

Kim & Jamie said...

Congratulations!! That is fantastic:) Can't wait to read about your journey to Ust and meet your little girl!!! Fantastic news indeed!

Matthew and Suzanne said...

YEAH! Great news!

Kim said...

Congratulations! This is such great news. All the prayers have pain off.

Amy said...

Wow!!!!! Way to go!!!! I just got a call from my coordinator who thinks I may still be going to Ust and it may be soon! So we may actually meet or maybe just cross paths!!! Congratulations to both of you!!! Yippppeeeeee!!! Following along with bated breath!!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you're on the move at last!! God's timing is so good - hope you got to meet baby Charlie before you left. Really looking forward to seeing photos of your wee girl. God speed and every blessing to you both. Take great care. Love Blair and Elaine