Thursday, 10 January 2008

Still on the rollercoaster

Quick post to keep you all updated, Alma called with the MOE again today in order to get our promised dossier, she was told once again that she couldn't have it but if she came back tomorrow then it would definitely be handed over.

We were praying that if she didn't get the dossier this time then we would at least be given different information than the standard 'come back next week' line. Alma seems pretty certain that it will FINALLY happen tomorrow so we need everyone to pray hard that this will be the case.

We will update as soon as we hear anything tomorrow.

Philip & Amanda


Kim & Jamie said...

We will be saying lots of prayers that your dossier is handed over tomorrow! I am so sorry you have gone through all of this, but your attitude remains an inspiration! Here is to good news tomorrow:)

Best wishes,


Amy said...

Praying hard for you!

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Praying here too.