Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Its a Girl!!

We arrived at the ophanage today at 12pm along with a representative from the MOE, Nadia and our translator. We were anxious that things would go well but also confident that God was in control of the situation, we were also sooo aware of all the support and prayers for us back home.

After meeting the director (who was lovely) we were told they would be bringing two girls in for us too look at, this was something we were worried about as how on earth are you meant to 'pick' a child from a lineup?!? The youngest was 1 year old, we had been hoping for under 1 year but before we had a chance to react they jabbered a bit more in Russian and we were told she was actually 9 months old.

They brought her in, a wee bundle wrapped in a big blue cloth, we were smitten pretty much instantly!! After we had 5mins with her a bit more Russian was jabbered and our translator told us they were now bringing in the second one, we immediately said 'no thankyou' thankfully they agreed and we were spared our 'choice'!!

She is 9mths old, VERY inquisitive and active, she loved playing with the rattles and crackly toys we bought, she is also trying hard to get up and is already up on her hands and knees! Orphanage children are usually months behind other children due to the lack of stimulation they recieve so we were expecting a little floppy bundle, God is good, we had been praying that she would be thriving, healthy and strong and God has answered our prayers!!

We now just want to take her home but unfortunately our trip is only just starting, another 6weeks of red tape and hoops to jump through.

I know the first thing you did was scroll down to look at the pictures! Come on be honest!! Anyway, as you can see there are none just yet! We want our health trust to view and give their formal approval first, in a few days there will be loads for you to look at! Our family have them already but there have been severly warned not to release them just yet! (If they do they will have Amanda to answer to)!!

Thanks to all who have been praying hard for us, our prayers have been answered.
Praise the Lord!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah ! (been waiting for a while to type that)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I've been checking your blog all morning - that is great news. May the Lord abundantly bless the three of you. (Phil, what a way to get out of going to a series of meetings!)
Paul, Karen & Luke

suejonez said...

Congratulations - it sounds like a much smoother first day than mine! Look forward to seeing the photos.

suejonez said...

whilst I remember - if the lady from MOE is Oxana, could you show her the photos of Daniel. I have no idea if she will remember us but she was very nice to me.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here with 2 very proud and smitten grannys - as members of the chosen few we have seen the pictures of Leah and can guarantee she's the cutest girl in all of Kazakhstan.
With much love proud aunty avril xo

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Horray!!!!I've waited my whole life for a cousin - though after seeing your photo i'll no longer be known as the "cute" one.
Cant wait for you to come home.
love Charlie

Sherri & Tim said...

Congratulations!!!!! You do not know us but we've been praying for you & following along with your journey since you originally posted you'd travel to Arkalyk (where our son is from). I have tears in my eyes and a warm, happy heart! God is so amazing! Enjoy getting to know your daughter! Can't wait to see pictures! Sherri

Kathy said...

Hi, Congratulations. We adopted our daughter from Ust in 2005, she was also 9 months. Enjoy your time, Ust babies are best!

Anonymous said...

We are delighted for you both. I too have been checking your blog today and praying that God would answer your many prayers. I think there is a lump in my throat (don't tell Avril).
Stephen and Sharon

Ruthy d said...

She's soooo cute!!I'm so happy!I almost missed my first lecture cause I kept checking the computer!!God is so good. Praying that everything will go smoothly.x

meeeeee-xo said...
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Gail said...

Heya..im soo pleased to hear that baby Leah is a happy, healthy beautiful and the most cutest little girl =)
she is such a lucky girl to have been match with two of the most amazin people..and im sure deep down she just cant wait to cum home to CARDY in tropical northern ireland..woohoo! Lots of love..will keep praying for a smoothe journey and safe return

Gail ox

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.
1 Samuel 1:27

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Gary old me the good news this this morning so after just getting our internet back up and running after 6 days offline we could not wait to read your blog, hope everything keeps running smoothly,God Bless. Raymond Marion &family

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda and Philip,
Have been checking this since you left and so glad you finally got to meet your little baby girl! I am so pleased for you both! Congratulations!

Love from Julie-Anne (Eden and Scarletts mum)

Anonymous said...

This is Leah's GREAT Granny D... At last I've a great grand-daughter - she's just a wee picture.
Come home soon
The Original Granny D xoxo

Anonymous said...

To Philip Amanda and Leah.We are thrilled for you all. We checked before we went out this morning and there was nothing new.So it was the first thing we did when we got home, been thinking of you all day. What a wonderful day!! Giliane and Dianna

Kim & Jamie said...

Congratulations! I cannot even imagine the joy you feel right now...that is amazing!! I can't wait to see pictures of the little one:) Best wishes on the rest of your journey and may it be as smooth as the first day! You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Amen to answered prayers!! We are delighted to hear the fantastic news. Love Esther and Kris xx

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled for you THREE!!!! I've checked this blog 9 times today and have gurned every time! Can't wait to meet your beautiful daughter! I'm praying that yous come home safely and quickly! All this joy makes me forget all about Philips coat!!!!!! This truly is a miracle!!!

Gemma, Willow and Star

The Young's said...

I am thanking God today for the blessing of your Leah. Congratulations Mom and Dad. We adopted our Leah from that very same baby house Aug of 06. Enjoy every moment and take alot of pictures of everything especially at the baby house, you will love the memories for years to come.

Matthew and Suzanne said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you both; Love to see her face when she sees her great uncle's fast track farm and her grandad's 'wee house'; WOW, she is going to live in beautiful county DOWN! Above all she is coming into a Christian home where she will be loved, prayed for, taught the scriptures and have great role models to follow. Gosh... hope you're ready for this.
Lawerence & Margaret

Amy said...

FINALLY!!!!!!! AMEN!!! I just found out my dossier was released from the MOE and is on its way to Ust! Maybe we will get a chance to meet!

Pam said...

Congratulations to you both!

I remember well the moment I met my son in the director's office there, exhausted but joyful beyond measure. I adopted Nicholas in Ust Kam in the Spring of 2006, 8 mos the day they placed him in my arms and 9.5 mos the day we came home, over 6 weeks later.
Treasure every moment of this journey - you will relive these days long after you bring your daughter home.

Pam and Nicholas
Richmond, Virginia

Regina said...

Oh my gosh, we are so excited for you. How wonderful that you have found your daughter!!!

Congratulations, stay warm and do post photos asap!

Warmest wishes,
Regina & Frank

Anonymous said...

Isobel & Leanne says
Congratulations mum & dad and 2 great big hugs for Leah. Can't wait to see you Leah toddling after da,granda & granda B. If you are even lucky you just might get one of granda D's wee tractors to play with. Sorry no pink ones but we will keep looking as Ellie is looking for a pink one too. Thinking of you all and can't wait to see photos. xoxoxo Isobel & Leanne

Anonymous said...

So happy for you both....a great chum for Annie...only a month between them! Faith told me she is ready to go see baby Leah - so will send her out for a few weeks!! Enjoy the time now bonding with the 'cutest wee girl' out there and Amanda remember you have to share and let Philip hold her too...ha ha.

Take care - Rach,J, Faith & Annie x o

nig said...

Congratulations!!She is beautiful,and the same age as Josh.
He'll look after her when the girls come to visit.We're so happy for you both,just can't believe its finally happened.I was so busy looking at the photos that i'd forgotton about the blog.
Looking forward to seeing my new niece(and the two of you of coarse)
when u get home.
Nigel,Mairead & Joshua

The Kennedys said...

Congratulations Philip and Amanda. We are delighted for you both. Can't wait to see Leah. We pray that you have a safe journey home. Lots of love from John Diane James Richard and Stuart.

The Kennedys said...

Congratulations Philip and Amanda.We are delighted for you. Can't wait to see Leah. Hope you have a safe journey home. Lots for love from John Diane James Richard and Stuart.

Tori said...

Hi Phillip and Amanda, been following your blog over the past few months and keeping you all in our prayers. So pleased you've finally been able to meet your little girl, enjoy getting to know her.

Take care,
Tori x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to our 2nd favorite boss Philip and his wife Amanda and Baby Leah. You better hurry up and get back as "OUR NEW BOSS GARY" is proving to be a dab hand at taking control of all operations that has happened so far in NDG since you left. Everyone agrees that he should become boss full time.
Looking forward to your safe return
Keith & William

Anonymous said...

We have been reading your blog every day and praying for all three of you. What wonderful news, can only imagine how you must feel. What a lucky little lady to get such wonderful loving parents! What lucky parents to get such a beautiful little girl to treasure all your lives. Couldn't even read the news to Gibson as I had such a lump in my throat. We will continue to pray for you all each and every day.

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! 2 Cor. 9:15

Enjoy and treasure every minute as they grow up so fast!

Angela Gibson and Abby

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! glad everything is going well. can't wait to see the photos. take care and God Bless
love from Denise, Steven, Melissa and Emma xxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both!! hope everything continues to go well for u both. May the Lord richly bless the three of you. love from Uncle Denis and Aunt Isabel. xxxx