Wednesday, 23 January 2008

few more 'shoulds'

First things first, my sister Avril just had a little boy this evening so welcome into the world Charlie Rogers!! We will be getting your cousin soon so please be patient...

We haven't anything more to update tonight other than a few more 'shoulds', we should get a copy of our LOI tomorrow and the original should make it to the embassy in London by Friday.

As we can't get an early enough flight into London on Friday we intend to fly over on Thursday evening and be waiting at the Embassy first thing Friday for our Visa. If it all goes well we are going to try to move our flights to Saturday morning!

Also thanks to Amy for the Shiny River Hotel link, its looks a bit nicer than the hotel in our picture, we have already found out that they have rooms available for the time we are staying.

We will hopefully be able to confirm tomorrow that we have actually got copies of our LOI.

We really appreciate all who are praying all round the world for us, keep it up, we're nearly there!

Philip & Amanda

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Amy said...

So exciting!!! I can't believe you are almost ready to go!!! I am glad that you saw the Shiny River - it should be more comfortable....don't let them give you the normal rate...other adoptive parents have negotiated a long term discount. Between 86 and 95...see if they will throw in the breakfast buffet too. In these countries it is all about negotiating and bargaining. Also that price already includes the taxes and everything else. Good Luck!!! I expect to see pictures of you two soon in lovely Ust!