Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bonding - Day 2

Being in Kazakhstan has been an earth shaking experience, figuratively speaking obviously and now after last night at about 1.30am literally as well!! We actually experienced an earthquake, it felt like a freight train racing past our bedroom window at high speed, though since we are on the 2nd floor this was unlikely to have been the cause of the quake! They are apparently not uncommon in this part of the world but last night was the biggest rumble for a few years.

But onto more earth shattering events now, we had our second day of visits with Leah today, I can safely say, without a hint of new parental pride or bias that she really is the cutest girl in all of Kazakhstan, once you see the pics in a day or so you will wholeheartedly agree!! Apart from a stinker of a cold she was in great form again today, she is very nosey and is interested in everything, her two favorite things today were Amanda's hair which she grabbed anytime it was close and my watch which she did her best to tear off my wrist! She is also starting to teeth and every little book or rattle we have for her goes straight into her mouth. We can't wait until we are able to bring her home, unfortunately we have another 6 weeks of hoops to jump through first.

We're just back from a walk to the 'Daniel' supermarket and are slowly thawing out, the funny thing about walking in minus 30 is the first 5-10 mins you think 'pfft, this is easy, whats all the fuss' the next 10 mins go like this, 'hmm, it is pretty chilly actually' finally the last 10-15mins, 'we may actually die out here'!!!
In Victor news he has exchanged the black suit for a shellsuit and medalion, most people would struggle to pull this look off...... he manages it! We wouldn't be surprised if Victor had something to do with the earthquake!! 0.o

Be patient, hopefully we can post some pics by tomorrow.

God is good, keep praying!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Outside the Baby House

Feeding time for Leah's group

Roughing it for the next 6 weeks


suejonez said...

If you go over the bridge from the Daniel supermarket, the baby shop I mentioned is on the right hand side.

Is Leah in the group at the top of the stairs on the first floor?

Matthew and Suzanne said...

You must be so happy and relieved to be there. I know that this has been a long hard journey for you. I hope that being there is so much sweeter for you. Especially since you say you've got the most beautiful perfect baby girl! Cant wait to see pics of her. Look forward to following the rest of your joyful journey!

Anonymous said...

is there any chance a could get victors number? He sounds cute ;)

gemma xo

Amy said...

Yeaaahhhh!!! How is the hotel? I will prob stay there too. What kind of rate were you able to negotiate -sorry to be so nosy but I am working over my budget!

Anonymous said...

Ever heard the saying "you'd bring a tear to a glass eye"!!! Sooooo pleased and excited for you all. Can't wait to see a pic of baby Leah. Take great care. Love from Blair, Elaine, Jonny, Bethany (who'd be on the first plane if she could!!) and Anna.

' comes in the morning.'

dkeogh said... is so lovely to get your updates......its funny, When we were in Kazland I remember everyone in Ireland and Canada being so emotional and happy for us and we in turn feeling their good wishes, love and support half a world away, sounds like from the comments on your BLOG you have a LOT of folks wishing you well. It is so lovely to hear your happiness and pride in your daughter in your comments.........parenthood is a wonderful gift.

Looking forward to seeing the photos of the cutest girl in all of Kazakhstan!!!

The Keoghs in Toronto

PS Loved your comments on the cold and how it doesnt seem that bad at first.........I am in Canada 20 years and STILL have not gotten used to the cold!!.........never thought I would say this but I miss the 'soft days' from home!!

Regina said...

Stay warm and safe in that rumbling tundra! I'm sure it feels like the warmest place on earth when you look at your daughter-to-be!

Can't wait to see pics of the cutest girl in all of Kaz!

tim and judith said...

Delighted you have your baby girl at last! We have been actively following the blog every day (until internet went down!) Back up and running again and look forward to reading the updates every day. We will keep remembering you in prayer over the next 6 weeks.

The McMullans, Ballymoney

mason's mom said...

Hi Philip and Amanda, my son was the same age as Leah when I adopted him almost 2 years ago. Is Leah in the baby room that is at the top of the stairs across from the birds? Can't wait to see pics of Leah. Best wishes, Sheri and Mason

mason's mom said...

I forgot to say that I remember Victor from my time in Ust. Ask him if he still has his little sports car. Sheri and Mason