Friday, 18 January 2008

Getting Close

We have changed our flights to the 29th January. There is even a slim chance we could fly out on the 26th! However after all that has happened to us so far we won't get to excited until we are actually on the plane leaving Heathrow!

We would love to be able to be definite about our dates but we are as close as we can be without being 100% certain. Our agency have told us that our representative in Ust, Nadia, should be able to get our LOI on Monday, we should get a copy of it by Tuesday and the Kaz embassy in London should get it by Thursday which should mean that we should be able to fly over to London on Friday to get our visa. There are FAR to many 'should's' in that last sentence for our liking but we leave it with the Lord and trust that His timing will be perfect as it has been already.

Whenever God told Abraham he was going to have a son in his old age the bible says that he was 'strong in faith, giving glory to God' and that he was 'fully persuaded that what he had promised he was able also to perform' . That amount of faith would be nice to have!

There is a national holiday on Monday so we will post around Tue or Wed and let you know if the mysterious LOI has finally arrived.

Keep on praying.

Philip & Amanda


Amy said...

Yeah for you both!!! It is about time!!!

Kim & Jamie said...

That is awesome!! I am so excited for you both! I will be praying that everything goes according to the "shoulds":) Have a great weekend and holiday!

The Young's said...

Philip and Amanda,
Special people take the leap of faith you both have taken. God knows your heart and in asking for the faith of Abraham I am sure it was granted. I look forward to witnessing your adoption miracle.