Sunday, 2 October 2011

Ministry meeting tomorrow?

Ok, after what seems like weeks in Moscow the big day is nearly here! We must wait until tomorrow morning to hear if the ministry will schedule a meeting with us that day in order to formally give us permission to start the adoption process and finally meet our son. There is a possibility that the meeting won't take place until Tuesday but we pray that won't happen and we can actually get to the real reason for being here!

Medicals went well on Friday, after a hearty breakfast of juice, porridge, bread, sausage, eggs, cheese, fruit, boiled potatoes, fried chicken and a wee cake we were ready to head out. (Amanda may not have had as hearty breakfast as I did!) The building itself was very plush, plenty of marble, paintings, wood panelling, etc, back in Soviet times it was a private hospital for high ranking government officials and their families. Some are indeed more equal than others!

Over the course of the day we were x-rayed, had blood taken and were generally prodded and examined by amongst others a,


and also two other 'ologists that I can't quite remember now.

At the end of the day we got the all important piece of paper which we need for court and the only thing which came out of the whole experience in less than perfect health was my wallet!

We find out in the morning if our meeting will go ahead tomorrow, pray that all goes well.

Update tomorrow!

Philip & Amanda

Medical Clinic
St Basils Cathedral in Red Square
Amanda and Katya (our translator)


Springs Landing said...

Well, at least you know you are healthy after all of this and ready to run around after a little baby. I am really praying that all goes well tomorrow and we hear the happy meeting with your son. Remember, all these steps are more memory makers. Enjoy and absorb everything. Trully a blessing! So exciting. God bless.


Bowen's Russian adoption said...

Medicals done now just to meet your little one.Great news can't wait to follow the rest of your journey.