Monday, 3 October 2011

Patience, patience...

I really wish I was writing about how wonderful it was to finally meet our son today, instead I'm writing to tell you about yet more frustrating delays!!

Masha phoned us this morning to let us know that as our meeting with the ministry was at 5pm on Friday afternoon there had been no time to get our documents across to the right department that day and that the documents only arrived this morning meaning that it would be Tuesday before we could have our meeting!

It means that the earliest we can see him now is Tuesday afternoon, we also have a very busy day on Wednesday with notary visits, formal application at court, etc, meaning a short visit on Wednesday as well then home early on Thursday morning.

Seeing our son for only a couple of hours was not what we expected this trip however we know that Gods hand is in control and that His timing is perfect! Court mandates that we must have at least 8 visits before our hearing so this means that rather than a flying second visit we must be here a full week before court, visiting him every day before we are eligible to have our hearing. This time will be much more important for him and us than an extra few days now when it will be almost 2 months before we see him again, still disappointing though....

With nothing else to do today we ventured into Moscow for a wee walk around the shops, in summary, Moscow is veeerry expensive...

Hope for better news to report tomorrow!

Philip and Amanda.

Block of flats near our Hotel, build on stilts during the Soviet era, just to see if it would work!!
Nice sunny day in Moscow, sanity levels receding!!
Christ the Redeemer Cathedral, the artwork inside is breathtaking!

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Springs Landing said...

Oh, how I wished it would have been good news today, but you are right - God timing is perfect. No matter if we don't know the reason. Now, praying in earnest that you have a productive and long visit tomorrow. Have fun in the meantime. God Bless.