Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Quick visa update, its good news!

Just got an email from Masha to say that they have been able to get our visa sorted, just need a quick visit to a notary on Thursday and we should be good to go.

Thanks for all the texts and messages and to all who have been praying, it's really appreciated by Amanda and I.

Keep praying that we will have no further complications and that our sanity holds out and we can finally meet Will on Thursday!!

Philip and Amanda


Springs Landing said...

Well, certainly glad you have been able to extend the Visa, but oh, the Ups and Down of an adoption! Only someone that has been in your shoes can understand and persevere. Praying for you guys. I know you are anxious to see your little one.


Judith McMullan said...

Just read your blog and I didn't know his name was Will. I love that name! Now I can pray for him by name, that's really nice. I'll pray all goes according to plan on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Great news - an answer to prayer. We'll keep praying for you all - especially wee Will Davidson!!!! Love it!

Love from Blair, Elaine, Jonny, Bethany and Anna.