Friday, 7 October 2011

Fridays Visit

Went to court first thing this morning to submit our adoption documents and apply for a hearing date, all went well and we should get a date for our court appearance in the next week or so, there are two judges who sit on adoption hearings, one who is very formal and insists on reading aloud every word of every document and one who keeps things nice and informal and gets one with things nice and quickly, thankfully we have been placed with the latter!

After this it was on to the baby house, only 20 or so miles away but with the horrific Moscow traffic it takes at least an hour to drive there, the journey home took almost 2 hours!  I have been in many busy cities across the world but there is NOWHERE like Moscow for traffic jams,  roughly 20million people living and driving in a city built for a fraction of that number, yikes!!!

The visit went brilliantly again today, it was pretty warm outside so they let us take Will out for a wee walk around the park, there aren't enough staff to spare anyone to take the children outside normally so it was quite the adventure for him, first 5 minutes or so all he could do was look around in amazement, he was particularly fascinated by the leaves, there are lot of trees in the park and the ground was covered in fallen leaves, as we walked we kicked them up in the air with our feet, he couldn't take his eyes off them.

When we first started out we tried to put him in a buggy but he was having none of it, moaned and groaned until we picked him up then he was happy, for a child raised in an orphanage he is very used to being picked up and carried around, which is not normally the case, when we mentioned this to one of the doctors she told us he was one of the favorites among the carers and loves attention, when they walk past him he tries to grab a hold of their coats on the way past and get picked up, don't think he will struggle for attention when we get home!

One more visit tomorrow then home early on Sunday morning, next two months are going to pass pretty slooowly...

Philip, Amanda, Leah & Will.

Court Building

Room for Adoption Hearings

First pic of Amanda and Will................ sorry

Mosow Traffic at 9pm.... when things are much quieter.


Anonymous said...

Praising God with you that you have had such good visits with Will and that he is doing so well. He sounds like he is adorable! Can't wait to see pictures and can't wait to hear that you can go back and bring him home!!! Love Louise

Springs Landing said...

So happy to hear that things went well today. Love the picture of Amanda and the buggy. Can see you guys are over the moon.

Oh, the traffic in Moscow looks beyond crazy.