Saturday, 8 October 2011

Final visit for a while

Nice long visit with Will today, he was tired but still in great form.  It was scorcher again in Moscow so he was allowed another little taste of freedom to whet his appetite for his eventual liberation in a few months time!

A different doctor on today but like yesterday she told us that it was wonderful that he was going to have a home as he was a child that needed lots of attention,  that was obvious again today, whenever we tried to put him down he moaned and fussed until he was picked up and then suddenly he was happy chappy again.

We brought a few little jumpers and t-shirts from home to try on, safe to say that he doesn't appreciate getting dressed, he shouted the place down until we had finished then went back to playing as if nothing had happened.

We also had a wee party for him today, its his birthday next week so we brought him a card and a few small presents, the orphanage celebrates every child's birthday which is very nice, just going to be strange for us now that we have met him that we are going to miss his first birthday.

As chaotic and hassle filled as this trip was its still going to be very sad to leave tomorrow, hopefully the next two months will pass quickly.

Continue to pray that Will will be preserved in our absence and that the next few stages of the process will run smoothly.

5.30am start tomorrow, yuk!

Philip, Amanda, Leah & Will

Stairmaster added to the Baby Gym!

Walking in the home grounds with Will

Will looking at himself on Amanda's phone

Will & Buddies room

Will's birthday card and presents


amanda vigale said...

Safe travels home, I know its hard to leave sweet Will we adopted from Kaz and also had to leave for almost 2 months, use this time to get things ready, I pray it goes fast and soon we will all be reading you are heading back for court, cannot wait to see pictures of the new family of four!!!

Springs Landing said...

Have you returned home already. How was Leah? How does she like her baby brother? Such an exciting time, but I am sure it's aweful leaving your baby. I I will pray that by Christmas time you are all together forever and this short separation will be a distant memory. Now, send pix of that beautiful baby. Can't wait to see his curls.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to catchup, glad to see some hoops in the kiddie gym, hop4ly Will will be a bballer an not a footballer! Any luck with my request phil!