Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stage one complete.

Nice leisurely start this morning after our travels last night, surprisingly familiar breakfast in the hotel restaurant, though can't remember the last time I had roast pork and sprouts with my sausages and eggs in the morning!  After breakfast we ventured out for a walk to explore the area and get a few supplies.  Finally 4pm came round and we were able to head out for our meeting with the ministry officials so that we could formally begin the adoption process.  We met in a very 'Soviet' building and handed over a huge quantity of paperwork, answered a few questions through our interpreter and thankfully everything seemed to go very smoothly.

Tomorrow we are heading out to a local clinic to have our medicals, these are a requirement for court.  Over the course of the whole day we see 8 different doctors and have blood samples and X-rays taken.  We have been warned to expect a long, boring day.

Weekend we have nothing to do and will hopefully head out to a few of the tourist spots around Moscow, Red Square, Kremlin, etc.

Finally on Monday we will have our follow-up meeting with the ministry official and then at last we get to the real reason we have come all this way, seeing our son for the first time!

Thanks to all who have been praying thus far, keep praying that the rest of the trip will progress well.

Philip & Amanda


Springs Landing said...

Enjoy Moscow and store up all the energy you can this trip. Before long you'll be running after a baby and a 4 year old. I am praying for you guys and wishing everything goes well. Thought you would have seen baby already, but I guess they do things differently in Moscow.

Oh, you probably never made it to the Irtysh Hotel in Ust to find last night's dinner for breakfast. Beginning to see that this is a Russian tradition.

Springs Landing said...

So glad to hear the all medicals are behind you now. Enjoy seeing a country that for many years would only have been seen through dark, spy movies. Must be so exciting and interesting. Send pix and store up your energy. Very, very soon you will be thankful for that.