Monday, 3 October 2011

More delays...

Just got another email from Masha our coordinator.  It seems the ministry official we were due to meet tomorrow has been called away on urgent business and now won't be available for our meeting until Thursday the 6th.

I've been able to change our flights and delay our return to Sunday however our visa expires on Thursday.

Masha is going to try to find out for us if we can extend our visa while we are here though when I search online this doesn't seem to be an easy thing to do.  

Pray that Masha is able to sort this out for us and that we are indeed allowed to stay in the country an extra few days and that we will, eventually, meet our son...


Judith McmMullan said...

How disappointing. We're praying for you and know God is in control. I know that's easy for us to say when we're not in the situation. Pray God gives you even more patience and you get the visas sorted and eventually meet your little boy. Pray also that Leah is ok and not missing you too much! Keep us posted.

Adrienne said...

So sorry you are experiencing delays....... it is very frustrating for you....Any of us who has been through the Kaz adoption process are very au fait with delays and changes and moving goalposts...... but it is hard.....!!!!
hope all begins to run a lot more smoothly for you both from here on in and that you manage to get the visas sorted out without too much difficulty!!

thank you for keeping us posted..