Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wills Liberation Day!

What a day!  8 exhausting hours in the car altogether!  Started out at 8.30 AM visiting the vital statistics office to collect adoption order and new birth certificate then met the social worker to get an authorization order to release Will from the care of the baby home, passport office to get his Russian passport and then finally a 4 hour round trip to the Vidnoya Baby Home to get our son once and for all!!

Will has coped with the day unbelievably well, a real answer to prayer.  He has been happy and content all day, eaten his lunch and then napped for a couple of hours in Amanda's arms.  Now back at the apartment he has eaten a big bowl of pasta and cheese, played for a bit and is now down in his cot.  5 or 10mins of crying with Amanda going in and out quickly but he is now pretty quiet!!  So far......

To be fair Leah set the bar pretty low in the 'first night with our new child' stakes, if we manage to get through the night without Will being rushed to casualty at 3AM with a temp of 105degrees then we will have topped Leahs first night!!

It was lovely seeing Leah and Will meet for the first time, he already finds her very entertaining and she is taking her big sister responsibilities pretty seriously!

British Embassy tomorrow to submit Wills visa application documents and then the waiting will begin.....

Just a few pics and not the best quality but I'll post better ones tomorrow.

Praise the Lord for answered prayer thus far!  Thanks to all who have been praying, keep it up.

Philip, Amanda, Leah and Will!

Check out the T-Shirt!
One last visit to the rings.

'What do you mean you've no idea how much further?!'
Back in the apartment.

Leah stealing his chew rings to make Jewelry!


Judith McMullan said...

Lovely photos. Delighted for you all. God is so good and you have so much to be thankful for :) He is such a lovely little boy and looks so happy. Hope you have a restful night and enjoy another good day tomorrow. Leah looks delighted and being a big sister suits her very much!

amanda vigale said...

Wonderful photo I cannot believe how much Leah and Will look alike amazing, so happy for the new family of 4!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwk they are so alike its scary! Leah seems to have settled in well with her big sister and of course she would have to have a t-shirt for the occassion! nothing less for our little fashionista! hope all goes well we cant wait to meet him!
The Fulton Four :) <3

Philip & Joanne said...

Christmas has come early !!!!!! What lovely photos delighted for you all xo

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos. I especially like the one in the car where Will is looking at her as if he's wondering. What is her problem???
A Mo xx