Monday, 19 December 2011

Moscow again

Just arrived in unseasonably warm and distinctly un-snowy Moscow, just hope for Leah's sake we get a bit of a snow storm before we leave! Apartment is really nice, much bigger than our last one, plenty of room for Leah and Will to charge around.

The third trip has finally arrived and we are getting very excited indeed about picking up Will once and for all tomorrow, It's great to have leah out with us this time and to say she is excited is a gross understatement!

Life is going to change forever tomorrow!

Continue to pray for our trip to the British embassy on Wednesday that all will go well with our visa application and that we will get home as quickly as possible.

I promise there will be some big sister and little brother pics tomorrow!

Philip, Amanda, Leah & Will.


amanda vigale said...

Leah looks so grown up with her glasses, too cute cannot wait to see Leah and Will together what a Christmas this will be!!!

Trisha said...

Hope everything is goes great!!

dnd82001 said...

Best wishes!!!


Aunty Av said...

When you said you would post pictures of Will and Leah together - what timezone did you mean??