Friday, 2 December 2011

Round Two...

Made it to Moscow, no snow and unseasonably warm... very disappointing!

The city looks beautiful though, massive Christmas trees everywhere and the buildings and bridges are decorated with MILLIONS of lights.

Apartment is nice, much closer to the centre and only a 15 walk from Red Square. There is a 24hr supermarket right across the street, the building is ridiculously grand and magnificent and in any other city would house an art gallery or museum but in Moscow it's only good enough sell groceries!

Getting picked up soon for our visit to see Will again, cant wait! We will also have a chat with our agency to see it there is anything to speed up our next visit, we will keep you posted.

Philip & Amanda

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Springs Landing said...

Wow, that grocery is beautiful. Makes you want to eat horse - or is that reserved for Kazakhstan?

May your visit go well and pictures, pictures, pictures of adorable Will. Give him a kiss from his American friends.