Friday, 23 December 2011

Nothing to report.

Its been four days now getting to know Will and it has been wonderful seeing his little personality emerge, I can confirm he will be no shrinking violet!

Some of the things we have learned about Will already,

He DOES NOT like being hungry, this is unfortunate as he is almost always hungry.
He has very low reserves of patience.
When he knows when hes not allowed to do something he tries to catch our eye and then makes sure he does it again.
He has a wonderful sense of fun, full of smiles and giggles.
He is very sweet and is constantly offering hugs and cuddles.
He loves attention, although he is surprisingly sturdy and quick on his feet he will not pass up any opportunity to be carried around.
He DOES NOT like to be hungry.

Now I understand that the first three things in particular are very un-Davidson like but I'm sure he will come around eventually!

Its not something we planned being out here over Christmas but I think we will look back on these moments as being very precious.

Few more pics now including the obese snowman of which i'm very proud!

Philip, Amanda, Leah & Will

Just been playing in the snow 'glow'!

Next years Christmas card sorted!

Better option for next years card?

Leah is immune to the cold.

Our Obese snowman

Will in his Jammies

'Come to your big sister'


Anonymous said...

Oh what fabulous photos, worth waiting for, thanks.
Yep, he sounds like a real Davidson already!!
A Mo xx

Judith McMullan said...

Oh man, how gorgeous is he! Leah is getting so big and grown up in these photos. Just enjoy every second getting to know your son with no distractions and a very merry christmas to you all.

Philip & Joanne said...

You make such a lovely family together in the pics. Will is certainly going to be a real character! Wishing you a quick and safe return . Til then enjoy getting to know Will.

RitBlog said...

Hi Folks. Great to see you all and Will looks really happy- with his Spirals!!! We are heading out on 16th Jan for Court on 20th so your blog re the property ownership has been invaluable as the Judge has already flagged some issues with the papers we have sent. To be safe we will notarize absolutely everything- including ourselves! Hope you all have a great if somewhat unusual Christmas. Jonathan & Elizabeth Ritchie

Anonymous said...

Hi guys looks very christmassy there,better than rain!we love the snowman almost the size of phillllllllip.Wills hair gettin higher and curlier every time we see a pic.Leah looks like she has skiers tan Have a great Christmas tomorrow.Safe home will see u soon. Nigel Mairead Josh & Harry

Anonymous said...

Just love the pics. Will looks very happy can't wait to meet him, and Leah is certainly enjoying herself. Hope you have a good christmas and we look forward to have you all home very soon.
Alex & Christine