Monday, 5 December 2011

Court Tomorrow...

Our day (45mins) in court has finally arrived! Getting collected nice and early in the morning to allow a little prep time with our interpreter before our hearing at 10.30.

We have to introduce ourselves, give a little family background and our reasons for coming to Moscow, etc and the whole process should be wrapped up within 45mins. The adoption court process is generally pretty informal but it will be nice to get it all done and dusted!

After court we should have enough time to visit Will, this time we will officially be his parents!!

Pray that all will go well.

Philip & Amanda

Outfits not getting any better!
Will eating = Will happy!
Snowing in NI, bright and sunny in Moscow?!?


Anonymous said...

When you look like Will no one really notices your clothes! His hair is just gorgeous, reminds me of Bethany at that age except hers was very dark!! Wont be long now.
Sorry I missed sending you a text on your birthday! What a bummer that Amanda got her phone stolen. :-(

Auntie Mo said...

Oh, forgot to put A Mo xx

Judith McMullan said...

Praying for you that all goes well tomorrow. Will really is totally gorgeous and his hair is amazing!!

Adrienne said...

Best of luck tomorrow from the Collerans in Co. Clare!!