Friday, 2 December 2011

Meeting Will again.

Forgot just how bad the traffic was here, our 15mile journey took an hour but we eventually made it out to the baby house to see Will again, first time in 2 months!

He's noticeably bigger since we were last out also, words cannot adequately convey just how curly his hair is, it's a big curly bush!! He has also just started to walk in the last week or so, he's very impressed with himself and waits for a fuss when he manages to walk a few steps, carers also say that he has really come on since we were last there, 'a very clever boy' was the exact quote!

Also got a little encouraging news about the passports, new rules apply to 'Moscow' adoptions however we are adopting from 'Moscow Region' which in reality is only about 5miles outside the city but seemingly that is far enough away to mean that the new rule does not apply. The fine print worked in our favour this time!

Anyway, unto a few more pics, i know why you're really here!!

Philip & Amanda

Will and Mummy
Look how clever I am!
Still loves Leah's keys
The Bush!!


Auntie Mo said...

WOW!! He has grown and what a clever boy to be walking. Can't wait to meet him in person.
Great news that the new passport arrangements don't apply to you. There's the Christmas Miracle you were looking for.
I love the grocery shops, they look like Harrods!!

Aunty Av said...

Glad everything went well!! I love his hair - I will start looking for some butch hair moose to tame his mop!!

Melissa and Jason said...

I'm from Ontario Canada and came across your blog - THAT ROOM!!! So many memories. Many play dates with our son there in early 2009 :) Good luck!!!

Springs Landing said...

He is bigger and so adorable. Did he remember you? Love his hair, should be called 'curly headed Irish man'.

Congratulation on the passport rules - such great news.



wonder411 said...

So happy for you, Will looks alot bigger and I just love his hair cannot wait to see pictures of all 4 of you together!!!!

dnd82001 said...

I am so glad that things are going well and everyone is happy!!

Glad things seem to be going along in the right direction with paperwork & such.

You are so lucky that the process has gone pretty guickly - which is great!! Your son is beautiful!!