Friday, 7 December 2007

Still waiting...

Its been almost a week since our last post but unfortunately we are no further forward!

On Monday I got an unwelcome birthday present, namely the news that even though our dossier has been signed off it still hasn't been sent to Ust.

Why you may ask! Good question but unfortunately not one that the MOE in Astana is prepared to answer!

The one piece of good news is that from now on our dossier and our LOI will be handled by our agency staff so once it moves it will be easy to keep track off.

Alma, our agency representative in Astana, will be calling with the MOE again in the morning to try once more to get our dossier released, we will let you know how she gets on.

Obviously we are not going to make our flights on the 11th, we now hope to be able to leave on the 22nd December.

At this stage we just want to be out there for Christmas, we have been prepared for the last 2 months to spend Christmas in Kazakhstan so we now can't imagine spending it here!!

Pray that Alma is successful tomorrow and gets our dossier released.

Philip & Amanda

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Amy said...

Hi Phillip and Amanda! I am thinking good thoughts for you and hoping you hear good news soon!