Monday, 17 December 2007


We have just heard from our agency that despite the MOE contact promising that she would hand over our dossier before she left on holiday at the weekend she has once again went back on her word and failed to hand it over!

She has promised to release it when she returns on the 24th December and again stated that she would give permission to travel in January but after the last 2-3months it is very difficult to take her seriously. We hope to find out by the 26th/27th if our documents are finally in the hands of our agency!

Putting a positive spin on things she has again confirmed to Alma that she will be giving us permission to travel out in January, our agency are also confident that it will happen then, it would have been nice however to have some confirmation of this before Christmas.

We believe that Gods plan for us is perfect and that the delays are only to ensure that we get the child that we are meant to have.

Still keeping the Faith!

Philip & Amanda


Kim said...

I am sorry you are going through some many delays and false promises. It is good that you are trying to stay positive. I agree that all the delays are for a reason. Your child must not be ready for you to arrive yet. Keep your faith strong.

The Young's said...

The waiting is agony as those of us who have travelled can attest to. However a miracle truly does wait for you. An innocent child goes to sleep right now in Ust Kamenogorsk longing to know how to love and be loved by you. Hang in there and keep the faith.
We did, and God granted us the most wonderful miracle in our daughter Leah. Her adoption story forever changed our lives. The waiting,the loss of referrals and having to travel in blind faith was all worth it. God Speed to you.

Amy said...

Hi Phillip and Amanda. Have you had any news yet? I am getting extremely impatient for you. I hope you have had some good news!