Thursday, 13 December 2007


Quite a bit has happened since our last post, we changed our flights to the next available date which was the 25th December, yes Christmas day!

We also got a little more info on the reasons why we've been delayed for so long, apparently there has been tension between the Ust regional office of the MOE and the central office. The main MOE office has been keen to throw their weight around and prove peoples documents only travel as and when they say so!!

Our dossier is one of a bundle of five which is currently being 'held' by this office!

The positive news is that the MOE official who will release our documents has told our agency representative that she will give them to her before she leaves on a business trip at the weekend, the only provision she will put on the LOI is that we can't enter the country until the new year!

So by the end of this week we hope to have an actual firm date for our trip to Kazakhstan!!

Its not quite a Christmas miracle but a January miracle will do just fine!

Pray that the MOE official keeps her word and that our dossier is FINALLY in the hands of our agency by the weekend.

Pray for the other 4 families who are in the same situation as us.

We will post as soon as this happens, stay tuned....

Philip & Amanda

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Amy said...

Hi Phillip and Amanda!!! I am wishing good thoughts for you both and everyone else bound for Ust. Waiting and watching and reading and hoping for you here in Illinois!