Friday, 30 November 2007

We're getting there!!

Our agency have just contacted us to let us know that the MOE official has been as good as her word and has signed off on our documents, when she said 'before the end of the month' she REALLY meant it!

The last few weeks have been torture, we were prepared for the worst again but God has answered our prayers in a wonderful way!

Our documents will now travel on Monday out to Ust and the official there has already promised us that she will process our LOI immediately and get it back to Astana by Friday the 7th. Almat will then be sent his copy the same day which should arrive in the London Embassy by Monday the 10th.

This all means that we should be ready to make our flights on the 11th about 12hours ahead of schedule.

We still won't believe it until we are munching peanuts on the Air Astana flight to Almaty but we are definitely getting there!!

Praise God that after 3.5 months of limbo we are finally moving again.

Pray that our LOI will get to London in time for us to make our flight on the 11th.

We will keep you updated on our LOI progress throughout next week.

Thanks to all who are praying for us, keep at it!

Philip & Amanda

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