Monday, 19 November 2007

Little more news..

We finally got some positive news from the official in the MOE in Kazakhstan who is responsible for processing our dossier, apparently she has promised our representatives out there that she will process our dossier by the end of the month. For the last 3 weeks all we have heard is, 'be patient, it will happen soon', etc so its nice to finally hear a definite date.

Obviously our flights will need to be changed again and our new 'date' for leaving is the 11th December. Thank goodness for flexi-tickets!

We firmly believe that God is guiding us to the child He has for us, the timing is not to our liking but it will definetly be perfect!

We will post as soon as we get more news but the sequence of events which will hopefully be taking place soon will be as follows -

1. The MOE official in Astana will send our dossier to Ust.
2. The MOE official in Ust will then issue an LOI to travel to Ust and send it back to Astana.
3. The MOE official in Astana will then forward our LOI to the Kaz embassy in London.
4. We then fly out to London to get our VISA from the embassy.
5. Then we fly out the next day to Kazakhstan, woohoo!

Keep praying!

Philip & Amanda

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