Saturday, 3 November 2007

New Flights

We've changed the dates for our flights AGAIN!!! We are now booked for travelling out on the 24th November. Its very fustrating at the moment, days are feeling like weeks and weeks feel like months.

However we know that the Lords timing is perfect and that we will be led to the perfect child for us.

We now have a two week wait where we are unlikely to hear anything but we will update as soon as we get more news.

Keep praying that our LOI will arrive quicker than expected.

Philip & Amanda

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Sherri & Tim said...

Hi -- I realize you do not know us but I found your blog while searching ARKALYK. We adopted our son from Arkalyk. We were in Arkalyk 3 1/2 weeks in May - June of this year. We brought our son home in late July. I write b/c as I viewed your journey, I found a picture of our son... prior to our meeting him! I'm stunned! What a treat! It's the pic from the orphanage of a large play pen and our son is the little boy standing up in the play pen. His name is Jacob Miras.

We will pray for you, your new baby to be and a safe & wonderful trip. We'll also pray for fewer bumps in the road during your journey. It appears you've had your share!

Enjoy your time in Kaz.

Sherri -- Mommy to Jacob (Kaz 2007) and JC (Russia 2006)