Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Still Waiting...

***Deep calming breath***

Ok, I can start....

We got word last week that there was yet another delay in proceedings, the official in the MOE in Astana is refusing to send our dossier to Ust for an unknown reason, at least this time however its nothing to do with the fact that we are from the UK and seems to be an internal problem.

Our representative in Kazakhstan is adamant that this is a very minor issue and will be dealt with quickly though having had so many knocks recently its difficult to be optimistic!

On a plus note she again emphasised how many children are available in this region, so much so in fact that the baby house is bursting at the seams and is unable to take any baby's from the maternity hospital! This makes it all the more frustrating that we are being delayed again for what is probably a very trivial reason.

We hope to have more news about our dossier/LOI at the end of the week and will post when that happens, if our dossier does finally get sent this week the MOE offical in Ust has promised to send our LOI out immediately so we should still be able to make our flights on the 24th Nov.

'It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord' Lam 3v26

Pray that our dossier will travel to Ust soon and that we can still make our flights on the 24th.
Pray that we will be guided to the right child for us and that she will be preserved until we can get there.

Philip & Amanda

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